Vikings @ Saints: Key Matchups

It's time to start looking forward to our next matchup on Monday night against the Purple People Eaters. I don't know about you but I am excited as all heck about this one and I cannot wait to be in the Dome. It is going to be loud!


Deuce McAllister/Reggie Bush vs. Minnesota's run defense

This Minnesota defense is good at stopping the run. Very good. They are holding their opponents to a paltry average of 71.8 yards a game, third best in the league. Now that Deuce is back, its time to re-start operation "Thunder and Lightning." I remember heading into the 2007 season, ESPN had Deuce and Reggie listed as the best running back combo in the league. Well that didn't happen last year so it's gonna have to happen this year and there is no reason why it can't. Let's start pounding it up the middle with Deuce then hit 'em with a little Reggie on a pitch or a swing. Even if it doesn't get much it opens up the play action pass and gives us a better chance at attacking the weaker aspect of their defense, their secondary.


Jared Allen vs. Jammal Brown

This one is going to be key. Again, this defense is pretty darn good so the entire offensive line needs to know the theme of the night is nobody touches Drew. Especially from his blindside. Jared Allen is a very good defensive end and he's got the money to prove it. Allen has 11 tackles and 2 sacks so far this season. Jammal Brown is going to have a long night on Monday but he needs to play well. If Brees doesn't have time to throw the ball then he can't work that magic we're all starting to get used to and take for granted. It doesn't work without good protection. It just doesn't work.


Entire defense vs. Adrian Peterson

We all know AP is their big weapon. Frankly, we really should be scared. Peterson is ridiculously good. He runs so hard and right through everyone that I will be surprised if Peterson is still walking at age 35. Minnesota is averaging 141 yards a game which makes them ranked 6th in the league. The linemen and linebackers are going to have to come up big here and take him down early. If Adrian Peterson gets to that third level in our secondary then we are gonna be in big trouble. I don't think any of our secondary guys can tackle well enough to take down AP.


Summing It Up: If the Vikings are going to shut down the run then the Saints are going to have to get it done through the air. Staying with the run game will be key in helping set up big passes. Giving Drew time will also be crucial. On defense the Saints need to keep tabs on Adrian Peterson at all times and make sure they wrap him up. If the Saints can take an early lead and force the Vikings to become one-dimensional by getting away from the run game and going to the air then they will have a good chance of getting the W.


Interesting Stat: The Vikings offense is dead last in red zone percentage this year. However, they are perfect in goal to go situations. 

Interesting Stat: Running back Reggie Bush has 62 more yards receiving then Minessota Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrians team leading 195 yards.

Interesting Stat:  Out of 130 passing plays, the Vikings throw to the right side 48% of the time. They throw to the left and middle 26% each.

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