Saints 30 @ Chiefs 20: Who Dat Say!?


Time to check out what everyone has been saying about yesterday's win over the KC Chiefs. See you after the jump.


Making a stand

“Those two (goal-line stands) were huge,” Saints cornerback Jason David said. “Any time you keep a team from getting a touchdown you feel good because three points versus seven is always better. We just went in there and played hard and tried to help the team as much as we could.”

-Jason David

“We knew we had to stand up and make a couple of plays down there,” said Harper, who teamed with weakside linebacker Scott Shanle to hold tight end Tony Gonzalez to five catches for 39 yards. “They have two great receivers, and you tip your hat to them because they made some nice catches. They won some, but at the end of the day we made more plays today.”

-Roman Harper

“The Chiefs have a great offense and they have two great receivers,” David said. “The game plan was to go in there and know where 82 (Bowe) and 88 (Gonzalez) were at all times. We just had to execute the game plan to the best of out ability, and it showed up today.”

-Jason David

“If those were touchdowns, that’s 14 points for them — and we’re fighting from behind,” he said. “We just had to keep fighting and hold them to just three. We were fortunate to keep them out of end zone there. Three points, we’ll work with that all day.”

-Bobby McCray

“We just wanted to go out and finish, try and play a complete game,” said Harper. “We had to come out with a win, so it was a good team win today.”

-Roman Harper


Moore, Thomas lead Saints offense in win

“It was just a great call with the defense they were playing,” said Moore, who topped his old career-highs of seven catches for 101 yards against San Francisco in Week 4. “The defense gave us the look we wanted pre-snap.

“The offensive line did a great job of holding up, and Drew was Drew. He did the thing he’s done so well in this league for many years. He threw a perfect pass, and I caught it right in stride and I was able to score.”

-Lance Moore

Lance did a nice job of selling the slant. The corner bit and the safety stayed low, so there went Lance up the sideline,” said Brees. “It was the second play of the second half and it obviously set the tempo for what we were going to do in the second half of the game.”

-Drew Brees

“The offense was moving the ball,” he said. “At the end of the day, if I have career highs then so be it. But we want wins and we were able to do that today. And I’m happy with that.”

-Lance Moore

“We’re all out there to do our job,” Thomas said when asked about him and Moore making some of the bigger plays in the game. “We have great players and we have playmakers on the team. We just have to stay focused and play our game and make plays.”

-Pierre Thomas

“This just shows that we have plenty of guys that can make plays,” said Moore. “If somebody does go down, we have backups or other guys that can go in and make plays as well. The coaching staff does a great job of putting us in position to make those plays, and we did a good job of that today.”

-Lance Moore

McAllister ties team TD mark

“It’s pretty special,” said McAllister. “Probably once it’s all said and done, you’ll really appreciate it more. But it’s definitely an accomplishment, something you think about when you start playing the game.”

-Deuce McAllister

“The last celebration I had cost me a little bit of money, so I decided to just stare at the crowd, give a couple of high-fives and walk off the field,” said Moore, who was fined $10,000 for sliding into the back corner of the end zone after a touchdown grab against San Diego in London on Oct. 26. “There was nothing crazy out there today.”

-Lance Moore


Saints Tomahawk Chiefs, 30-20

“It’s good to get back to .500,” said QB Drew Brees. “This is a tough stadium to come and play in and the Chiefs were fighting and showed a lot of pride. It was a good win for us and we were able to put a drive together there at the end of the game that maybe earlier in the season we struggled to do in key situations.

The goal now is to get ready to play a good Green Bay team in the dome next Monday,” Brees said. “It’s going to be good to finally get back home in front of our fans.”

-Drew Brees

“I thought the story of the game was when we had to settle for field goals instead of touchdowns when we got the ball into the red zone,” said Chiefs Head Coach Herm Edwards. “I give them credit. They’re a tough team to play against and you know they are going to score points. We tried to limit the things they could do and had some success, but they are tough to play.

We knew we were going to score to score more points than we did to win this game,” Edwards said. “We just had the one takeaway and I thought we were going to have to get more than that.”

-Herm Edwards


Herm Edwards Postgame Comments

On the game: "The first half was a pretty good game back and forth. I think what killed us was when we got in the Red Zone we didn't score. We got down there twice and had to settle for field goals. When you play a team like this you know they've got a pretty good offense and very accurate quarterback and they can move the ball (and they did); you've got to score.

"I thought early in the game we had some rhythm offensively, but again we stalled two times down there and had to settle for field goals. I thought some penalties got us in the third quarter and set us back. They had some field position early in the game and took advantage of it. You don't want to give these guys too much field position.

"We had some dropped balls that could have maybe kept the drive going, too."

On the decision not to go for it on fourth-and-two with about 10 minutes to go: "At that point it's a one-score game and you still feel like if you can hold them...we had stopped them the series before. If you can hold them and make them punt it's a one-score game. If you miss it you just give them a short field again and they're pretty good on a short field. You go for some of them, but you've got to know what the situation in the game is and, at that point, with 10 minutes and all your timeouts, you just figure to hold them here and make them punt. If you miss it and they get the ball on the 40 all of a sudden it gives them momentum."

On the special teams troubles: "Coverage teams you're always switching guys when you've got a lot of injuries. That doesn't help you - lot of new guys over there. The muffed kicks, we've got to catch those but [KR Dantrell] Savage has been doing a pretty good job. [WR Kevin] Robinson had the one good punt return. But the coverage is what got us and gave them field position, especially after we scored. You can't give these guys a short field. They're too good of an offense."

On what went wrong with the running game down near the goal line: "We didn't get any push at all. They pushed us back and we didn't get any yards. I thought the one was in but I guess the way it looked on camera they couldn't see it. They couldn't get the sideline angle on that side of the field."

On intentionally kicking the ball short on kickoffs: "Yeah, on a couple of them and five more yards deeper would have been better, would have been perfect. The one (return) guy is a pretty good return guy and had made some yards prior to that."

On the offense having to play next to perfect to make up for deficiencies on defense: "Yeah, we knew we had to score more points than we did. We figured it was going to have to be 30 points unless we got some turnovers. We got the one and got to score. We just bogged down in the Red Zone and if those are scores it's an entirely different game.

"It's a little bit of a disadvantage (on defense) in that you've got a lot of different guys playing different positions. What hurt us too is we really didn't get a rush on the quarterback. He had a lot of time to throw, to his third and fourth receivers. We didn't pressure him. We blitzed him some but he's very good."

On adjusting the offense to Larry Johnson's return: "We found a way to run the ball out of shotgun (formation) a little bit better but that's still a work in progress. I thought a couple of times it looked pretty good. We're going to continue to play that way because that's the way we move the ball over the last month. That's our offense and that's not going to change. I think short yardage we're going to have to do a little bit better job there. You can't pass the ball all the time. You've got to be able run in short yardage situations and we've got a big back who can do that. We've got to get some push up front."


QB Tyler Thigpen's Postgame Comments

On how the team played: "We’ve got to do better. We’ve got to win a game. That’s the bottom line. It’s not about me. It’s not about what I do or what I put up stat-wise. It’s about this team and we want to win a game."

On the decision to punt on fourth-and-two: "That’s the coach’s decision. I think there was 10 minutes left on the clock. We wanted to send them back deep and let our defense go in there and get a stop and maybe we get good field position again. We’re going to live with that."

On having Larry Johnson back: "He’s another threat to have back. I thought he did a good job today. We’ve just got to win, that’s what it all comes down to. It doesn’t matter what anybody does."

On being inside the five and not scoring a TD, twice: "It’s one thing we’re going to have to work on offensively: our Red Zone offense. When we get down there that close we’ve got to be able to put points on the board. We can’t settle for three points. We’ve got to have seven points. Kicking field goals is going to get you beat in the long run."

On your comfort out of the short shotgun as opposed to the longer gun: "Either or. It doesn’t really matter. It’s only a yard difference. It really doesn’t matter. Maybe the snap comes back a little quicker when it’s only four yards."

On preference to be in the shotgun when you get inside the five yard line: "It doesn’t really matter. It’s whatever I feel comfortable with in the play call. If it’s a play call where I’m going to get the ball out quick, then maybe under center. If it’s where I have to read (the play) a little bit longer, maybe gun. But that’s the coach’s decision. It just depends."

On the long run: "It was fourth and two, if I’m not mistaken, they tried to double Tony [Gonzalez] and just let me free right up the middle. The receivers on the left side did a good job of blocking and the offensive line did a good job of running them up field and letting me run (the ball)."

On the number of weapons you have now: "I think we’ve got more weapons now and offensively we’re jelling together. That’s the biggest thing when it comes down to it. When we were in Atlanta we were more of a huddle offense and now we’re no-huddle and going to Red Ball (a hurry up offense), so that’s the biggest thing. But we definitely have more weapons."

On struggles running inside the five: "They have some big guys up front but that has nothing to do with it. The coaches will break down film and see where they were getting penetration. I think Larry really and truly scored on that one. That’s just a tough call by the ref."


Chiefs-Saints Postgame Comments

On his TD catches
: "They were great throws by the quarterback and the linemen protected very, very well, so I want to give the linemen credit for that and the quarterback. It was a simple fade route. Tyler looked at me, gave me the wink, so I knew to take it over the top and he made some perfect throws. I had to do what D-Bowe does, make big plays."

On the offensive play in the 3rd quarter: "Coming out, we had penalties that set us back and right now, we don't need [that]. When we come out in the 3rd quarter, we have to come out all pistons firing; throwing the ball, catching the ball, running the ball. Those penalties set us back and the momentum shifted a bit. That's the one thing we have to get better at is coming out at the half."

How do you keep your spirits up after all these losses? "We just watch film and see that we really are getting better. But it's little things like penalties and dropped balls and mis-reads that really cost us the game. If we eliminate one each game then, in the long run, we'll know we are a good team, we can get better."

On the game
: "It's disappointing because we thought we were making strides in the last couple weeks. Right now, I know, everybody is sick of talking about the strides we're making, we need to win a game. We missed some opportunities and didn't get up the field on third down and didn't hold them to field goals in the Red Zone. Defense takes responsibility for a lot of that."

On his comfort level on both special teams and defense: "I'm starting to feel more comfortable out there with the schemes and everything. Every day is just going to get better and better. We've got the pieces to be good here. If everyone can keep working we can get there. This one's tough."

On the difference maker today: "A few plays here and there and a few penalties here and there. . . . Like Herm said, we aren't a good enough team right now to overcome some of those things. We have to be right on point with everything. All I can say is that we have to work hard to get better and better and come out next week and try against Buffalo."

On what kept the Chiefs from winning the game today
: "As a team we aren't going out there and imposing our will on these other teams and playing well all the way through. Once we do that we'll be able to start winning some games. Until then we are going to have games like this that are close and lose it at the end. These are things that we've got to learn."

On the call to punt on fourth-and-two in the 4th quarter: "Last week he wanted to go for two so that's what (we did). He's the leader of this team and he has confidence for us to go. If he decided ‘Let's not,' then that's what he decided and that's what we're going to do as a team."

After appearing to make some progress, was this a step back today
? "I don't think it was a step back because we did good things. I really don't think we can step backwards. New Orleans is a great team, did a great job on offense, put up a lot of points. We just need to score a lot more."

On the return of RB Larry Johnson: "I think he ran tough today
: I think he ran physical and I think that the little offensive wrinkle that we showed today gives us the ability to do both things (power run and spread) we want to do. We just have to do a better job executing. Not to take anything away from them, but there were some things that we just didn't do right compared to things that they did to us."

On the frustrations of losing: "It's always frustrating when you lose. We get paid to win football games. When it is all said and done 15 years from now people won't look back and blame this reason or that reason or say that ‘they came close many times.' That means nothing. We have to win football games and we can't use the excuse that we are close. Close is not good enough. Honestly, if guys want to continue to live the lives they are living, and that goes from the top down, and if we want to stay employed then we better go and win some football games because things can change real quick."

On the game
: "It's really frustrating. There were some things that we could have done differently. We were hanging with them and making some plays, but it always comes down to a couple of plays that we should have made that end up determining the outcome of the game. It was a tough one."

On the difference in today's game: "The offense came out and played good. We just didn't get enough stops on defense and that's the bottom line. It's our job to put pressure on the quarterback and we didn't do much of that today. You have to go back and watch film, try to correct it for next week and get it right. That's all that you can do."

On losing: "It's tough to lose. We hate losing and we're sick of this feeling after just about every game that we've played this year. When we watch film we see the mistakes that we made and what we could have done differently that would make the outcome different. It gives us some motivation to get it right because we know we can play ball. The last couple of weeks have come down to a few plays that we could have done differently and those have determined the outcome of the game."


Chiefs putting the L in loser

“There’s a saying, ‘Losing breeds losing, and success breeds success,’ ” Chiefs safety Jon McGraw explained. “The losing definitely wears on you.”

-Jon McGraw


Nothing special once again about Chiefs’ special teams

“Our coverage units are really struggling the last few weeks giving up some big returns and put our defense on short fields,” said Chiefs special-teams captain Jon McGraw. “It’s very frustrating the specialty units are not helping the team win. We’re a handicap right now.”

-Jon McGraw

Every week we’ve got new guys filling in playing different positions, and a lot of times it’s the first time they’ve ever played there, which is difficult to have at so many different positions,” McGraw said.

“You can handle one or two guys, but when it seems like four or five positions on the special-teams unit is different than the week before …”

-Jon McGraw


Overmatched Chiefs can’t stop Saints

“In my mind,” Colclough said, “I’m thinking I play it the way I was coached before I came here. I’ve got to get that out of my mind.

“I’m still trying to cleanse it away.”

-Ricardo Colclough, on Lance Moore's TD reception

“When you’ve got guys out there that have only been here a couple of weeks, just getting thrown in there,” he said, “it’s hard because they’re actually out there just thinking on the run. But we can’t use that as an excuse.”

-Ricardo Colclough

“Right now,” Bowe said, “we’ve got to play perfect. The offense has to put more points up, evidently.”

-Dwayne Bowe


Chiefs can’t punch the ball in the end zone

“I like money in my pocket, and I don’t want to give them any reason to take anything out of it, but from my point of view — and maybe I have a biased point of view — it was obvious we scored a touchdown,” Waters said. “They make mistakes … Clearly that was a big call in the game.

“We did everything we could do. It came down to somebody else’s opinion, and that opinion didn’t go our way.”

-Brian Waters

“That’s a hard place to run the ball,” Waters said. “You don’t run the ball very well down in that particular area. It’s very tight quarters. Even in their (pass) coverages, their first obligation is to stop the run. It’s a tough area to call plays and a tough area to run.”

-Brian Waters


Bowe plays big role in Chiefs’ offense

“We’re like one play away from winning the game every week,” he said. “Once the guy sees the play (on film) they could have made — that probably would have changed the game — it makes you sick to your stomach. We’ve just got to make those plays.

“One play, we should’ve thrown it back, or should’ve caught it here, should’ve made the block — there’s a lot of should’ves. You can’t play perfect. But in our mind, we’ve got to go out there thinking we’ve got to play perfect.”

-Dwayne Bowe


Chiefs-Saints Postgame Notes

Grading the Chiefs

Photos from


Here is some audio from WWL's Sports Talk. In order it's Sean Payton, Bobby Hebert, Usama Young, Lance Moore, and Hokie Gajan.




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