Chargers @ Saints: Breaking It Down - Third Quarter

Saints Defense First Drive (3 plays, 0 yards, 0:10, Punt)

  • This drive looks great on paper but it could have been much worse. Vincent Jackson completely burns Aaron Glenn but drops the ball just off his fingertips for what probably would have been a score.
  • Charles Grant drops back and makes a nice diving play on the ball in the backfield and almost makes the pick. Pretty impressive for Charles. Not something we usually see from him.


Saints Offense First Drive (8 plays, 72 yards, 3:43, Touchdown)

  • After a Deuce run for only a yard we finally see Marques Colston look like his old self. He scoops up a nice catch and runs a bit more for 49 yards.
  • First down and Deuce runs for a loss of 1 yard.
  • Drew throws to Billy Miller incomplete. Then goes right back to Miller over the middle for a gain of 10 yards.
  • Rather then kick the field goal with an unsure Mehlhaff, Payton decides to go for it. After a fake pitch to Stecker Brees throws a short jump, dump off to - who else - Billy Miller for the first down. Nice call.
  • The drive ends with a play action touchdown pass over the middle of the end zone to Mark Campbell.


Saints Defense Second Drive (12 plays, 64 yards, 6:50, Field Goal)

  • LT runs and catches for 20 yards on the first few plays of this drive.
  • On third down Aaron Glenn gets called for pass interference and this keeps the drive alive. Not cool.
  • Rivers makes a few short passes over the middle and continues to take advantage of a weak Saints secondary.
  • Back to back false start and offside penalties cancel each other out. It appears it really should have been two false start penalties.
  • The Chargers score a touchdown on third down but they get called for holding and get pushed back 10 yards. San Diego can't convert and kick the field goal.


Saints Offense Second Drive (7 plays, 77 yards, 3:36, Touchdown)

  • Brees starts off going right back to his favorite target of the night, Billy Miller, for 20 yards.
  • Then Deuce gets involved with a 4 yard run and a 3 yard catch off a play action to him. Glad to see Payton continue to stick with McAllister. 
  • After a 10 yard pass interference penalty on Quentin Jammer, Pierre Thomas makes a nice run off the left side for 15 yards.
  • Drew tries for Meachem in the endzone but Cletis Gordon makes a nice breakup. Fortunately, he gets called for interference though the call is incredibly questionable. Nice to get some calls go our way though. Ball spotted at the 1 yard line.
  • Mike Karney punches it in for the score while San Diego may have had 12 men on the field. No call.

The Saints appear to be well in control of this game as they head into the fourth and final quarter.

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