Saints 42 @ Lions 7: The View from Section 130

I ain't gonna beat around the bush, so to speak, on this one.  It was freaking cold up there!  Gametime temperature was 7 degrees.  Fahrenheit.  Seven.  That is the coldest air this coon-ass has ever been in.

You guys all know about the game.  It was boring in person too.  We really did feel sorry for the Detroit fans, who were very curteous.  We were sitting by a bunch of clowning Detroit fans, who were the ones who started chanting for Harrington, that you all heard about.  Those guys were hilarious...their last parting shot was the best:  "HEY JOEY, HOW DOES IT FEEL TO FINALLY WIN A GAME IN DETROIT!?!"

Anyway, I have to give major props to the few players who came to sign autographs after the game in that weather:  Lance Moore, Will Smith, Mike Karney, and DEUUUUCE!"   My wife was screaming like a crazed banshee for Fujita when he stepped onto the bus.  (I think it's his pecs...)  Shockey and Drew gave acknowledging waves to our yells, but had more sense than us and got on the bus.

Anyway, here's the pics...


Highway_Snow (via zephead76)

This was in Canada, driving back to Detroit from Niagra Falls during the blizzard.  Your guess is as good as mine as to where the lanes are.  This was a major highway.  Imagine this being I-10...




American_Falls_1 (via zephead76)

The afore-mentioned Niagra falls.  (American Falls)




American_Falls (via zephead76)




Horsehoe_Falls (via zephead76)

Horseshoe Falls.  The Canadian Side definitely has the best views...




Rachel_Nichols (via zephead76)

Rachel Nichols Pre-Game




Game_7 (via zephead76)

Colston's First Down catch.  After this trip, I'm asking for a zoom lens for my camera from Santa.  Definitely want to use it for the Dallas game next year!




Game_6 (via zephead76)

Mike Bell right before the bullsh*t fumble call.  I swear, this year I've seen the worst officiating in my life.  No joke.




Game_5 (via zephead76)

Shockey's miss in the endzone.  This pic is funny to me because it looks like those two guys are the only ones playing...




Game_4 (via zephead76)

Mike Bell's TD leap.




Game_3 (via zephead76)

I timed Devery's catch perfectly, but the dude in front of me stood up at the last second... (really wish I had a zoom on this one)




Game_2 (via zephead76)

When I watched the game after getting home, I noticed they showed these girls on TV too...




Game_1 (via zephead76)

Deuce handoff....




Lance_Moore_1 (via zephead76)

Lance signing autographs post-game.




Lance_Moore_and_Jeff (via zephead76)

Lance and myself, chillin'.  Literally.




Will_Smith_1 (via zephead76)

Will Smith signing our sign...




Deuce (via zephead76)

Deuce walking to sign autographs.  It was at this point that the batteries in my camera died.  Or froze. 




Saints_Sign (via zephead76)

My wife's sign, with the signatures of Lance, Will, Deuce, and Karney.  Gonna bring it to the Cowboys game next year, try to get more signatures.  This will become the centerpiece to my future game room....

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