The Saints own homefield advantage so far in the playoffs.  It is not too early to discuss it since it is so important.  It is not too early to admit that it is a precious advantage that should be protecetd each week since it is now ours and no one should take it away from us!!

The game yesterday was EXACTLY what we needed.  We needed to prove to ourselves and the NFL that we could come back froma big deficit., especially with offense and defense contributing heavily. We needed to trail and we needed to win an ugly game.  Fortunately it was only ugly for a half.

Some random observations-

- If you take away 2 big plays- the longest rushing gain by Miami-Ricky Williams 68 yds for a TD, and  their longest pass play (67 yds to Hartline) it reveals our defense only gave up 70 yards rushing and 144 yds passing otherwise.  Not too bad other than those 2 plays.  On those plays, I think Usama Young didn't defend very well on the running play and Porter screwed up on the pass play. Not sure why Young was in on that running play, but as soon as Jenkins can earn that spot (nickel, dime, whatever) it may help.  All in all, great defensive effort except for 2 plays.

- I think the interception to Colston should be change to a fumble.  It apppeared that Colston caught it and the defender ripped it out of his hand.  That one should be on Colston, not Drew.

- Need better blocking on punt retrurns. You can bash Reggie, but it doesn't really look to me like anyone else could do better with the lack of blocking.

- I like Roby and looking forward to him bringing it back to the house.  He's close and the blocking has been better. He should have scored a TD on that long return.

-No one else in the NFL could have scored the way Reggie did- and from my perspective seeing it and seeing the replays 4 times, it appeared that there was no other way to score on that play and he made a great decision.  That was a really important play- it brought us to within 4 points, gave us the momentum back (Dolphins had just scored to get to 34 pts), and pumped up the whole team.  A field goal would not have done it. Possibly Michael Jordan or LeBron James could have pulled that one off, but as far as the NFL, Reggie is the only one I can think of that could do that.

- If I remember correctly, not sure what play, it seemed Prileau got beat on a pass play pretty good, I could be wrong, but I thought there were other players to put in above him if a defensive back needed to come out. I'm not real confident in Prileau or Young even though I like them.  Rather see Reis in or maybe Jenkins.

_ Was Meachem injured?  Jenkins? Anyone know how bad Evans injury is??

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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