The Voodoo Gris Gris Brew for the Patriots Game Is In PLAY





Here is the Voodoo Gris Gris Brew for the game against the Patriots...

It is a little complicated but I have every confidence you will get it right even if you have to try it a few times first... Oh NO! You have to drink to succeed!

Ingredients you will need.

1.       Three cranberries from your Thanksgiving dinner or wherever you can find them. Not raw. If you must you can use three dried cranberries you will just have to soak them for an hour to plump them up in Cointreau.  Three not four or five... just three.

2.       ½ oz of Meyers Dark Rum (This is for the Black)

3.       ½ oz of Cointreau (This is for the Gold)

4.       1 ½  oz of Captain Morgan's Rum

5.       1 ½ oz of Orange flavored Vodka (I like grey goose)

6.       Orange Juice

7.       Cinnamon

8.       Sugar

9.       An Orange Slice with a little cut on it to garnish your glass if you are using a martini glass then just use the rind but curl it.

Now this brew can be made either to go in a very tall glass or served up in a martini glass.

First mix your gris gris powder (which is the cinnamon and sugar together until it has a goldish hue. Not too much cinnamon because that will make it bitter. Kinda like the mix you would use for cinnamon toast. Place it in a saucer deep enough to be able to dip the rim of your glass in to get a nice deep coating along the rim. Set aside.

In your cocktail shaker pour in the rums and cointreau and vodka measured elements. Then pour in about 4 oz of orange juice. Shake shake shake shake shake shake shake until the shaker has a really nice coating of frost on the outside....

Take your orange slice and run it along the rim of your glass to moisten it then dip the rim of your glass in the Gris Gris Powder.  Then in the bottom of your glass place your three cranberries and mush them a little bit till they get juicy.  (If you don't have cranberries at all put in a few drops of cranberry juice).

Now either pour in the brew ice cubes and all or if you are going to drink it up and pure with no ice strain it into your martini glass.  Make sure to pour carefully so that you don't mess up your Gris Gris Powder rim.



The black and gold over the Cranberries will overpower those Patriots.

WARNING Consuming too much Alcohol before the Game breaks one of those Commandments!!!

Don't drive after consuming. This is a Kick Arse Brew.... I have the headaches to prove it. 

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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