Saints projected lineup and game predictions.


In this game, the starting lineups for both the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints are very obscure.  Nearly all of the players on the injury report are listed as questionable, and it is nearly impossible to determine who will start or get extensive playing time.  For our Saints, I see Jabari Greer coming back close to 100% and staying on Randy Moss the entire night.  Because of his amazing speed, I think that he will be able to keep up with Moss when he goes deep. With Roman Harper able to deliver a crushing blow to Moss in the middle of the field if he needs to, Randy Moss doesn't put TOO much fear in me.  However, his counterpart, Wes Welker, does.  All the teams that have faced the Patriots have used linebackers to cover Wes Welker.  Expect that to change this week, as Gregg Williams probably has a plan to slow him down.  He will probably put a true cover corner on Welker in order to neutralize his speed and agility. 

Sedrick Ellis will be back in the lineup. He will help stop the run and also push the pocket so that Brady cannot step into his throws.  This will also create opportunities for Will Smith and Charles Grant to get pressure off of the edges forcing him into some errant throws. 

I predict Randall Gay to return.  I think that he will have limited action because of his tweaked hamstring, but I think he will be fired up to play against his old team.  He will be active and he will get some playinng time.

Chris Mcalister will be active.  He will probably be our third or fourth corner, depending on whether or not Jabari Greer is active and if Randall Gay is healthy.

Lance Moore will be out.  High ankle sprains take forever to heal, and there is no way he comes back after not practicing this week.

Tracy Porter will be out.  There is no way he comes back from a sprained MCL this quick.  I don't see him back until the Cowboys game next month.

Jon Vilma will be in.  This injury came as somewhat of a surprise because we never heard anything about it until Friday.  I think that it is minor and that he will be in at full speed in this game.  I think the reason he was on the injury report may have been because Sean Payton wanted to confuse Bill Belicheck in order to gain a "competitive advantage." I don't think you should look too much into this injury.

Offensive Line:  all the usual starters are probably in.  Goodwin has been suffering an ankle injury the past few weeks, but he has played in all these games, and he will be in tomorrow too.  Carl Nicks had stomach problems, but he will be in as well.

Reggie Bush will be in. He will be matched up against linebackers, and i think he will make some plays for us.


This will be one heck of a ball game, and it will probably come down to the final 5 minutes of the game.  My predicted score: 34-28 SAINTS!

What do you think the Saints' turnover ratio will be?

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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