All is Quiet in the CSC Ward

Living in this time zone makes reading Canal Street Chronicles lots of fun. There are hours when Okinawa and New Orleans are awake at the same time but when it’s 6PM here and 3AM in NOLA, CSC gets very interesting. I feel like a nurse making the rounds in a generally quiet hospital ward, especially since the cowboys game:

Nurses log: 0300, Dec 22, 2009

Note: Most patients are asleep but occasionally wake up asking me, “Is it true?” I administer another pill and they slip back into oblivion. PTSNFS (Post Traumatic Saturday Night Football Syndrome) is worse than I thought.


Patient: saintsational - has gotten the extra privacy curtain he requested. I think he bribed the attendant with a “Perfect Storm” T-shirt, whatever that is. I’ll talk to my supervisor.

Patient: cold pizza - has finally agreed to remove his reference library which was blocking the aisle. For some reason, every time I ask him how he’s feeling he begins his answer with, “Actually . .” I’ll have the shrink schedule an appointment.

Patient: saint-sly - is constantly tossing and turning and muttering “Who Dat” as if there is someone standing next to his bed. His poetry seems to be having a calming effect on him, however.

Patient: MtnExile - is doing better on his diet of crawfish and Dixie Beer. The nutritionist is keeping notes.

Patient: no fear - is showing signs of somefear since Saturday night. Extra sedatives have been prescribed. He takes them eagerly.

Patient: SAINT SfaninNC - has overcome his “there’s no place like home” nightmares and has stopped wearing those dreadful sparkly red shoes. He has grown to like his Who Dat slippers.

Patient: metryman - continues to work on his issues with someone named Les Miles. As with nofear, he takes the extra sedatives eagerly.

Patient: Hollywoo! - has finally agreed to take off his alien costume before going to bed. I requested he put his helmet back on.

Patient: mississippisaintsfan - has come to the realization that there are bulldogs that live in Louisiana, and it’s ok. Shrink sessions seem to be working.

Patient: Just ‘Nother Day - is sleeping on his back. His bed looks like a tent. Will administer additional sedatives to the other patients then go check on him. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Note: 0315, December 22, 2009. Have moved JND to a private room.


Yep, there’s a lot going on while you sleep!

(By the way, Nurse Who Dat will be visiting all the other CSC patients in the psych ward tomorrow night.)

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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