Free Agent Acquisition: DT Rod Coleman

Just when you thought they were done signing free agents the Saints have gone and done it yet again with their acquisition of defensive tackle Rod Coleman. As I searched around the vast internet for any and all info I could find on Coleman it was actually our very own Dave the "freakin" Falconer who I think summed it up best in his own prophetic way. 

Coleman gittin' 'er done. (Photo Source)

 ...teams have to consider signing him as a low-risk, high-reward project.

Well played Falconer. That seems to be exactly what the Saints have done by signing Coleman though I'm willing to bet Dave didn't think it would take an entire year. Coleman signed only a one-year deal and with the organization pressed so tight against the cap I can't imagine the contract could possibly have been worth too much. Dude hasn't even played in a year. But dude was also a fan favorite and one of the best at his position when he wasn't recovering from myriad injuries - including a curious boating accident. It was all those injuries that kept Coleman away from the game last season and off many teams' radar this year.

"I just felt I needed time to get away from it. I just needed a break. Then I could come in fresh during the (next) offseason, work my way back into it and earn the respect and be one of the new faces in the locker room,"


But Colemans previous relationship with new defensive line coach Bill Johnson no doubt played a large part in the Saints ability to sign him.

"I wanted to be with coaches or a staff that knew me and know I'm going to go out there and give 120, 130 percent. I can play on one leg or one arm if I have to," Coleman said. "I wasn't pressing, because I knew I could go back to my business. But if I got the right call, I was going to go out there and be dedicated to that organization, lay it all on the line."


If the Saints can squeeze just a few more sacks out of "Hot" Rod than it will prove to be a genius move. It's entirely possible. Here is what ESPN had to say about the defensive tackle two years ago.

The eight-year veteran is one of the premier interior pass-rushers in the NFL and leads the league in sacks by a tackle (44½) over the past five seasons. Noted for his quickness and ability to penetrate through the inside gaps, Coleman possesses a rare skills-set.    

I've also got not one but two video interviews with Coleman from the Falcons official website. Interview with Coleman from Falcons official website.


Stats at a Glance


Roderick Coleman
Position: Defensive Tackle Height:  6' 2"
College: East Carolina
Weight:  297
Experience:  9 seasons
Birthday: 8/16/76
High School: Simon Gratz HS; Philadelpha, PA

 Age:  32

Season Team Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
G GS Total Solo Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int Yds Avg Lng TDs FUM Lost
2007 Atlanta Falcons 5 5 7 5 2 2.0 -- 1 -- -- 0.0 -- -- -- --
2006 Atlanta Falcons 15 15 25 20 5 6.0 -- 6 -- -- 0.0 -- -- -- --
2005 Atlanta Falcons 16 16 40 35 5 10.5 -- 6 -- -- 0.0 -- -- -- --
2004 Atlanta Falcons 13 13 40 31 9 11.5 0 5 1 39 39.0 39T 1 -- --
2003 Oakland Raiders 16 12 52 44 8 5.5 -- 4 -- -- 0.0 -- -- -- --
2002 Oakland Raiders 14 2 38 32 6 11.0 -- 2 -- -- 0.0 -- -- -- --
2001 Oakland Raiders 14 6 46 34 12 6.0 -- 2 -- -- 0.0 -- -- -- --
2000 Oakland Raiders 13 1 -- -- -- 6.0 -- 0 -- -- 0.0 -- -- -- --
1999 Oakland Raiders 3 0 -- -- -- 0.0 -- 0 -- -- 0.0 -- -- -- --
TOTAL 248 201 47 58.5 0 26 1 39 -- 39 1 0 0



Do the Saints need him?

Need is such a strong word. With six defensive tackles already on the roster they certainly don't need him as a seventh but he could turn out to be a diamond in the rough. Honestly, my initial reaction was that this was a pointless signing but as I actually dug a bit deeper I discovered that I am kinda liking this move. Of course, this probably means the end of the line for another defensive tackle like Brian Young or letting Antwan Lake walk.  


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