The NFL's best WR corps?



There was some discussion recently around the Saints WR corps and whether they should be considered among the league’s best. To sum up the basic arguments:

  • For – Why yes, they are. Look at the stats – proof is in the pudding. This offense racks up big time numbers and someone is catching those passes.
  • Against – These guys are a product of Payton’s system and/or Brees’ awesomeness. The WRs are basically stormtroopers, faceless cogs that are interchangeable.

    Before I weigh in, lets look at the contenders for the league’s best corps (in my opinion):

    • Arizona – Probably the clear favorite. Led by perhaps the league’s best in Larry Fitzgerald amd Anquan Boldin. Steve Breaston is no slouch either.
    • Detroit – Calvin Johnson alone makes this group stand out, with servicable Bryant Johnson and Dennis Northcutt.
    • Green Bay – With Greg Jennings in his prime, veteran Donald Driver and young Jordy Nelson and James Jones, this is another strong contender.
    • Houston – again, Andre Johnson is studly enough to earn this group consideration and Kevin Walter is a solid #2. Andre Davis and Jacoby Jones round out the group
    • Minnesota – Honestly, I only include them because John Clayton recently said that they may be the best. Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin? Give me a break.
    • New England – Another strong contender for the top spot. Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and Joey Galloway are a very strong top 3. Young Julian Edelman had a big day against the Jets.
    • Pittsburgh – Not as flashy as some, but still good. Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes are the headliners, but their backups Limas Sweed (hook ‘em) and Mike Wallace are explosive.
    • New Orleans – They definitely lack the star power of Arizona, New England and some of the others but depth and versatility are the strengths of this group. Colston is a big, physical threat who gets open and catches everything. Henderson is a burner who can stretch the defense and his hands seenm to be improving (knock on wood). Meachem has battled the bust label, but is big and physical with good speed. Perhaps we’re seeing him put it together this year. Lance Moore, when healthy, is the perfect zone-buster. He runs perfect routes and has great hands.

    The Saints WR corps definitely benefits from the Payton system and Brees pulling the trigger. Each of these players by theselves would not be as good and Brees makes everybody look better. However, Brees and the system definitely benefit from them as well. Would this team be as good with Joe Horn, Willie Jackson and Jake Reed? How about Quinn Early and Floyd Turner? Umm…no.

    I’d say the Saints WRs, while not the best group in the league, are in the top 3. What do you think?

    This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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