Need some advice please!!

WHO DAT!!  Man that was a gut-wrenching game.  I probably lost 5 pounds just from sweating my way through all the twists and turns.  But we made it through and Hartley drilled it.  He could have made it on quarter-width posts.  Just beautiful.

OK enough with waxing eloquent, I have a dilemma on my hands and I need some advice.  Before this game I made a comment somewhere around here that if we won I was buying a Saints jersey for the Super Bowl.  I intend to keep my word, I've wanted one for some time now and just haven't yet bought it.  But I need some advice about this purchase.

1) Where to buy?

I'm in Ohio, so I can't exactly run down to the neighborhood store to pick over large quantities of easily available Saints merchandise.  This means I have to order remotely in some fashion.  My two top options I'm aware of are (where I have a coupon to reduce the price a little bit at least) and asking a friend in Slidell to buy something at a local store and ship it to me.  Anybody got an opinion on what's best here?

2) Whose jersey to buy?

I have so many players on the team I like, it's hard to pick whose jersey I want.  I think my top options are Drew Brees and Shockey.  Especially if I order online I don't have a lot of other options besides maybe Bush, and though I really do actually like him (most of the time) I don't particularly want his jersey.  I like Colston too, but I'm not sure if I can get his jersey online.  I love Drew, he's such a wonderfully nice guy for an NFL player, a class act in so many ways.  And I love the fire and passion with which Shockey leaves everything he has on the field every time he plays.  But his temper, alcoholism, and long hair turn me off a bit.  And especially since I will be watching the Super Bowl with a bunch of church friends... might not be the best impression... :)

3) What size?  And should I wear the jersey only or wear an undershirt as well?

I'm a big guy.  And I like to have my shirts loose.  I also don't like shirts that stick to me if I sweat, or that are even the slightest bit itchy.  For the most part, about 90% of 2X shirts fit me with room to spare, but not a large amount of it, so I tend to stretch them out a bit extra.  Do the official replica jerseys stretch?  Should I want them to?  Will they shrink in the wash?  If I wear it without a shirt underneath will it stick to my skin?  How tight is the weave?  Will the shirt be see through enough that I need to worry about my white skin showing through and/or needing to match the jersey color to the undershirt?

4) What color?

I like both the black and the white jerseys, so I'm not particularly concerned either way, but I'm leaning to black jersey with gold numbers.  But most undershirts are white, especially if I get the NFC Champion shirt as the undershirt.  How do you folks think  that combo (gold on black on white) look?


Thanks in advance to all of you who give your answers/opinions to my questions.  Hopefully I'm not the only guy out there asking about / wondering these types of things and your answers will help more than just myself.

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