2010 NFL Draft, what are the Saints needs?

Okay, I know it's super early and I know we're going to win this thing, so let's say we get the 32nd pick in the draft, who do you guys want Mickey Loomis and co. to take with their pick? OLB? OT? DE? Backup QB? DT I think we should keep building our D, we all know defense wins championships and last time I checked our offense is pretty damn good. We're ok at corner with Jabari and Porter being fairly young, Roman Harper is a solid strong safety, but a big problem is Darren Sharper's contract ending. One option is to put Malcolm Jenkins in the free safety spot, but is he ready for that? We can select a free safety in the second round, like Nate Allen from South Florida.

However, I sincerely think our main need/concern is a stud OLB, I know Fujita and Shanle are very underrated but we need someone to aid Vilma, and having another star OLB will only help Vilma take care of the middle and not have him running around, covering Shanle and Fujita's mistakes. Navorro Bowman from Penn State is a great story, he would be a perfect fit. Travis Lewis is also an option, from Oklahoma. 

If we're going to be releasing Charles Grant, I'd imagine DE would also be a need and then you can look at a guy like Carlos Dunlap from Florida, who was supposed to go top 10 until his stock dropped when he got a DUI and his play went down, but he still has potential to be a top notch player.

I say we re-sign Jammal Brown and keep Jermon Bushrod, solidifying our O-line immensely, maybe take an offensive lineman later on in the draft. DT is a need, but once again, I'm sure we can find some later on in the draft.

Backup QB, let's all face it, Drew Brees is still young, but I think we all want an Aaron Rodgers, a guy that can back up Brees for the next couple years, learn from our superstar QB and hopefully take over once Brees is done and not lose one step, keep the organization strong. A guy like Colt McCoy might be available in the 2nd round (doubt it), Ryan Mallet from Arkansas (6'7", 238 lbs.). Maybe taking a QB later in the draft might be a better option, but if a QB like McCoy or Tony Pike from Cincinnati slips to us in the 2nd round, I say we need to take him. 

Finally, a defensive tackle to relieve some pressure off of Sedrick Ellis, a guy like Geno Atkins would probably be available in the second round, solid DT from Georgia, 6'1", 290, not bad. Or if Mickey decides to select a DT with the first round pick, a guy like Jared Odrick from Penn State would be available.

What do you guy think? 

WHO DAT! Super Bowl Champs, let's do it baby

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