Questions from around the league-Week 5 special "Everyone sucks" edition

Well, I'm writing this after my heart was taken out and stomped on given back to me then eaten in my hands. It hurts but there are still 11 games left, and there are many other questions from around the league so how about some questions to divert our attention from the empty hole where our blood producing vessel used to be.

AFC West:

The Chefs lost, are they bound to reclaim their title? Or are they just a fluke.

Broncos sucked it up, Even though Kyle Orton is doing pretty good this year, A possible division title for them this year or will they be lucky to be 7-9?

Are the Chargers ever going to win on the road? And could the...Raiders??? take the division?

AFC North:

Steelers get Ben Raperburger back, will he make them deadly or will he be on the rusty side?

Ravens are a dominating force, but is Flacco just an average QB with some good games, or an above average QB with some bad games.

The Browns couldn't beat the Falcons, therefore they are not worthy of getting a question.

The Bengals couldn't beat the Bucs, therefore they are not worthy of getting a question.

AFC East:

Pats have not been dominant on Offense or Defense yet, Special teams is fantastic, will the Randy Moss trade help them as Tate plays with more heart, or did the Pats give up a possible playoff spot?

The Jets are 3-0 in their division right now, and will play the Vikes tomorrow night, are they for real or just getting lucky?

Miami couldn't do much against the Pats and did not do good against the Jets, however their special teams have been outed as atrocious, will it get worse for the Dolphins?

Poor Poor Bills, Final season record? Probably 1-15 if not 0-16.

AFC South:

Texans still top the division, though they share that title with the Jaguars(!), and the Titans(!), leaving the Colts as the odd team out. Is this the division going to be trading 1st place the most or will one team pull away?

NFC West:

The Rams just got dominated by the Detroit Lions, will they still compete for the division or was that a pipe dream to begin with?

How bad will things get for the 9ers?

Are the Seahawks simply a home team? Or can they win a few on the road?

Questions about the Cards make me sad.

NFC North:

The Packers are struggling to close out games without a running game (My God does this sound familiar), will they still take the division or will the Bears give them to much trouble?

The Bears are currently 1st in the Division...How did that happen?

The Vikings are 1-2 and just got Randy Moss, as well Favre has a distracting matter going around in the media right now, will Moss change the game or will the distractions get to Favre and derail the Vikes season?

The Lions have won their 3rd game in 3 years....shows you things could be worse eh?

NFC East:

Are the Redskins for real?

The Giants are coming off a domination of the Texans, though it was a non conference game, will this lead to a playoff opportunity for the Giants?

The Eagles will play the 49ers tonight without Vick, If Kolb does good, will he replace Vick again?

Dallas Cowboys suck and I hope they rot in hell...that is all.

NFC South:


WTF BUCS!?!?!?

(insert sounds of crying and hyperventilating about Payton's playcalling, and Brees not being the sames)

Are the Panthers in a steep decline elevator going straight down because the cord was cut?


When will the magical black jerseys come back with gold pants?

Why do all teams sucks this year (Why is there parity in the NFL compared to previous years of 3-4 great teams, 16-24 eh teams and about 8 sucky teams)?

Hope You all enjoy and try to look ahead, tomorrow is another day, and next Sunday is a different team and game.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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