Fleur-De-Links Saturday October 16: Saints Seek to 'Buc' Recent Trends

The New Orleans Saints are coming off a disappointing loss to the Arizona Cardinals and have dropped 4 of the last 6 games to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  These are some trends the Saints need to end, NOW, along with the ball security, red zone inefficiency, stupid penalties, and the general 'forcing of things' that have plagued the Saints 2010 season thus far.

Which of these can and/or will be corrected this week?  Some?  All?  Is time running out?  I'm not panicking yet, but if these things don't improve, we're going to be just another Super Bowl Champ that follows up with a mediocre season.

Read on to find the latest in news from the Saints and Buccaneers to help develop your own thoughts on what is most crucial for the Saints to win on Sunday, on the road, against a young team that is exceeding expectations this season as our beloved Saints have been underwhelming at best thus far.


T_Porter22 Family Guy in 3 minutes!
TylerLorenzen SMILE MORE!
dmpressley Jackass 3D
ChaseDaniel On the way to eat with the guys then going to go see Jackass 3D!
bobbymccray Now that's a plan. RT @dmpressley: Jackass 3D
HeathEvans Dinner w/the running backs was great! Now off to the movies!
usama_young28 Just saw Jackass, them dudes have some loose screws
ltorrence24 Knowledge Is Power!
alexbrown96 I had a great time at dinner tonight with my lovely wife @karimarbrown. Tonight is her last night in her 20's ;) welcome to the club hahaha
dmpressley EVERYONE... please.. For me.... Go see the movie JACKASS!!!!! please!!!! Your gonna fall out your seat...
dmpressley I can't pick a favorite... Way too many lolol @Npa316: @dmpressley what did you think the crazy stunt was?
usama_young28 Gross aint the word RT @StrawHatCook: @usama_young28 just saw it too, that sweat martini was gross
dmpressley Watching the history channel... All I can say is WOW...
dmpressley Yes, wow!!!! RT @italian78bella: @dmpressleyGang Wars?
dmpressley That was horrible! definitely in Top 5!! RT @benrothwell: @dmpressley I almost vomited a few times, especially with the sweat cocktail.
LanceMoore16 Jackass 3-D is definitely a must see lol. Funniest movie I've seen in a good while!
bobbymccray Can't sleep. I'm stuck watching the show Chopped over and over.. Damn tivo.
ChaseDaniel Good luck to my Mizzou boys today when they take on A&M!!! Let's go!
T_Porter22 What's good my early morning tweeps?...how blessed have u guys' day is going thus far?...my day is looking great so far.
reggie_bush What's up Twitter world! Enjoy your guys weekend hope it's a good one! Big game for us tomorrow another divisional opponent! Who Dat!
HeathEvans "@TGIChocolate: @HeathEvans So did you enjoy the movie? I hear most would either love it or hate it."somewhat hilarious but disgusting!#fb
HeathEvans Nothing greater than sitting in 45Degree water at 7:30am! Trying 2get these legs right 4win #4!!#fb
HeathEvans "@DABADDEST_CHIC: @HeathEvans how was the movie?" Put it this way, Beth had to walk out before she hurled on me!
HeathEvans "@JenniferJamesXO: @HeathEvans WAR DAMN EAGLE!! :)"For sure!! 7-0 today!!
Jmack37 Waaaaaaakeee upppp!!!
dmpressley Let's goo NC STATE @PackFootball let's take these pirates down!!!
dmpressley @alexbrown96 is in here bragging about him beating me in words with friends and I have all vowels!! And I'm only down by 3. He don't want it
Jmack37 Lets go T.U.!!!!!
HeathEvans "@Rhonda_Saints1: @HeathEvans that movie is 2 hours of your life you can never get back!!" That's the Hard Cold Truth!!
HeathEvans "@Cajun46: @HeathEvans Rest up, Offense will score a lot of points tomorrow" Amen to that!
jeffduncantp Arrived in Tampa w/plane full of Who Dats. Will Saints fans outnumber Bucs fans at RayJay 2mrow? TB averaging just 54K per home game.
dmpressley RT@PackFootball: Wish old #92 was still playing for us instead of the Super Bowl Champs!Hopefully Mr. Cato-Bishop will do your number proud!


New Orleans Saints CB Patrick Robinson giving team needed boost | NOLA.com
John DeShazier - Confidence not an issue for rookie starter.

2theadvocate.com | Turnovers harder to come by for Saints
Les East

Curse of the Black Pants: Saints deny uniform style is jinxed | wwltv.com | Eye on Black and Gold
Handwerger - Two colors, four combinations, one "jinx." At least, that’s how Who Dat Nation sees it.

Checking the injuries that matter most - NFC South Blog - ESPN.com
Pat Y. - The final injury reports of the week are out, so let's take a quick run through the injuries that matter most across the NFC South.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers news and notes - St. Petersburg Times/tampabay.com
Stephen F. Holder

Bucs receiver Mike Williams questionable to play vs. Saints - St. Petersburg Times/tampabay.com
Rick Stroud — Bucs rookie WR Mike Williams ran a few routes in practice Friday, but the team still listed him as questionable for Sunday against the Saints with a foot injury.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' secondary adapts ballhawking mentality to scheme - St. Petersburg Times/tampabay.com
Stephen F. Holder

Even with 3-1 start, Tampa Bay Buccaneers still have a lot to prove - St. Petersburg Times/tampabay.com
Gary Shelton — So far, they have earned your applause.

Bonding with Brees beneficial for Freeman | tbo.com
Anwar Richardson - Buccaneers offensive coordinator Greg Olson believed quarterback Josh Freeman was good during his first season as a starter. He wanted Freeman to be great.

Young Bucs' confidence grows with realistic formula | tbo.com
Roy Cummings



New Orleans Saints' Jonathan Vilma hosting celebrity server event for charity | NOLA.com
Triplett - He's raising money to build charter school in Haiti.

Final Word: NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN.com
Pat Y. Five nuggets of knowledge/commentary about Week 6.

Here are five ideal NFL trades that probably won't be made before the Oct. 19 deadline - ESPN.com
Adam Schefter's 10 Spot - about 2/3 of the way through this piece, he has a blurb about the Saints red zone struggles.

Biggest NFL games of Week 6 - John Clayton - ESPN.com
Adam Clayton's 1st and 10 - Item #7 is about the Bucs' Josh Freeman.


V-Roll Roll Call


Video: Saints-Bucs preview - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Mark Schlereth and Herman Edwards break down an important division matchup.

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