A plea to the Saints Organization...

Dear Mr. Loomis, Mr. Payton et all,


I write this plea to you today to maybe give you a voice from a fan, even if a fan that has only been supporting the organization for a few years. Today the Saints lost to the Browns. The Browns going into this game were a team that only won 1 game, going up against the Saints who won the Super bowl and played teams and QBs that were outstanding and future Hall of Famers respectively. I write this to you today to discuss some issues.

The special teams of the Saints gave up a 69 yard punt return on a trick play, and then a 60 yard run by the punter of the team. This did not surprise this fan, and I'm sure it didn't surprise others. Our special team play has been in, what an acquaintance would call, a "Steep Decline". This has been evident in our lack of field position and our lack of coverage. In the opinion of this fan, a radical change is needed. We need a new Special teams coach. The Miami Dolphins went through this process and benefited. If you would prefer to wait until the bye to better manage that is fine, but it is obvious that our special teams, which consists of many starters, is poor.

Our play calling is suspect. Last year, the Saints went with what worked not with what we had to do. In the Miami game we were behind by 2 scores and yet still kept pushing the ball down field with runs knowing Miami was suffering under the run that day. When the pass has been working, we go to the run, when the run is working we have been passing. As well we run screens, which is a good play, but are run constantly to where the Defense knows what is coming.

The O-line is not the all-star line we had, yet consists of the same 5 guys we had last year. A wake up call is needed for them, yet the Falcons game, the Cardinals game did not seem enough. We lost to the Browns, and are running out of "wake up calls". As well, I won't get into the subject of Drew Brees. He can be otherworldly and he cannot make simple plays without doing too much. I hope you know what to do, but it is obvious something must be done.

There are many other subjects, but I am sure you already know these. I ask you on behalf of other fans, other Saints fans, ones who suffered many times more than I have while rooting for this team. To please realize, our team can win any game they put their heart into, yet have no heart left to give. This team is great, and should be great when they step on the field. Yet they seem to walk off the field with something to scrape off their cleats, and it is their play.

Signed with concern,

Saints fans of all stripes.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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