NFC at a glance (week 8)


After reviewing the rest of the NFC I guess things can be a lot worse!  Almost all teams this year are struggling with several areas.  This is the most even Division ever!

I haven’t done this since last year so here we go!

Atlanta Falcons (5-2) The dirty birds continue to win and they make it look impressive.  The ATL is tied for the top spot in the NFC with the Giants of New York.  Roddy White and Matt Ryan are playing at a very high level and Turner and Gonzalez are good compliments to that offense.  The defense is keeping it together but they have issues with injuries and lack of consistency…sound familiar?

Next three…….BYE, TB, BAL

New York Giants (5-2) The G-men have come from the unknown to be in a share of first place.  Defense wins championships, but Manning is getting the ball to his receivers are playing at a very high level.  Bradshaw is taking care of business in the backfield and Tom Coughlin has his team believing in their potential.

Next three…….BYE, @SEA, DAL


Seattle Seahawks (4-2) This team coming out of the box was not picked to do well this season.  Pete Carroll has turned this team around in a short time and they are playing at a very high level but not consistently the Dr. Jekle / Mr. Hyde approach in rotating weeks is hard to keep up with.  Being in a weak NFC West division I believe they have a great shot to win that Division.  Arizona will go away.

Next three…….@OAK, NYG, ARZ


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2) I personally cannot believe this team is doing this well? Lombardi can cue the phrase on this one.  The young talent is believing in what Raheem Morris is teaching and good things are going on down in TB.  I expect them to start to fall before too long.

Next three…….@ARZ, @ATL, CAR


New Orleans Saints (4-3) The NOLA Saints are having injury issues as are the Packers; I believe the cream will eventually rise to the top as these two teams begin to get healthy.  Drew Brees needs to have some of the pressure taken off of his shoulders simply because he is not handling it this year.  The O-line needs to work out there issues and the Defense is playing great.  Things can be fixed on the Offense and the turnovers…don’t push the panic button yet.

Next three…….PITT, CAR, BYE


Chicago Bears (4-3) The Bears have potential but they are starting to come back down to the rest of the NFC North.  Cutler is back to his INT days and Forte will not get many touches in a pass happy Mike Martz offense.  The Defense is playing great but the turnovers are causing them to get into shoot outs in the second half of football games.  Sound familiar?

Next three…….BYE, @BUFF, MIN


Green Bay Packers (4-3) The Packers are starting to have players come back off injury and are looking to get back on track after their win over the Vikings.  Rogers and Brees are both not playing up to their high standards and I expect they get it turned around.  With Clay Matthews back the Defense will again pester opposing QBs and cause confusion with his high motor.  The upcoming schedule does not look to difficult the ATL game will be one to watch!

Next three…….@NYJ, DAL, BYE


I hope your collar has been popped and your educated for the next few weeks!


Lets get err going Saints!!

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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