Fleur-De-Links Sunday, October 3: Here Come the Carolina Panthers

Saints game plan for today - wipe that smile off his face. (Photo by Mary Ann Chastain/Getty Images)

Sunday morning brings us to our third home game out of four to start the 2010 season.  It's always nice to be the defending Super Bowl Champions.

We have our work cut out for us this week as the Carolina Panthers are in town, and after our disappointing loss to the Atlanta Falcons, we need to rebound big today with a win, or we'll be 0-2 in the division.

Lots to think about and consider for this matchup, and this edition of Fleur-De-Links gets you off on the right foot in your pre-game preparations, so without any further hesitation, jump into the links, tweets, and videos.

Don't forget this afternoon's coverage on CSC includes an open thread for commenting before, during, and after the game, Satch's immediate post-game recap and reaction story, and a link to Ralph's post-game podcast.  You'll probably just want to go ahead and keep your laptop tuned in all day.


jgoody76 Lol #evil RT @T_Porter22: Big IF! RT @jgoody76: I got a nice lil pic to show y'all if the maize and blue can get it done today.
Jmack37 Temple backup running back 219 yards 4tds...wow
JonVilma51 C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!! We're going to be Acc champs this year baby!!
MalcolmJenkins Good win on the road Buckeyes!!!... lets keep it rolling
jgoody76 If we are not expecting anyone and our doorbell rings 80% of the time we might not answer.
jgoody76 I knew it was some war eagle mess lol RT @HeathEvans: @jgoody76 It was me at the door bro...typical Michigan hospitality!
dmpressley Yeaaa buddyRT @PackFootball: Kick is good!!! Wolfpack up 27-21
HeathEvans Is LSU really getting ready to loose to Tenn? Hate to say it LSU fans but your boys look a little tired?!?! #fb
Jmack37 Wow unbelievable.....13 men on the field
usama_young28 Wooooowww... LSU still has a chance
Jmack37 @Jmack37 LSU. Wins....crazy game...
usama_young28 Crazy finish in that one. College football is toooo unpredictable
jgoody76 Look what I found in teammate & Indiana alum @T_Porter22 locker this morning. I knew u loved maize & blue. http://yfrog.com/afu53hj
jgoody76 I was plotting all day lol RT @T_Porter22: Lmao...thats messed up. jgoody76 @T_Porter22 watch your back in Bloomington sure they not gonna like this lol. #evil
Jmack37 @alexbrown96 lol I want gators but. Gotta root for the hometown homie Trent Richardson....
T_Porter22 My Hoosiers didn't pull it out in the end..we put up a good fight though...still have a little more work to do
Jmack37 God only made 1 Tim Tebow... kick the field goal coach..
LanceMoore16 Great day of rest before our game against the panthers tomorrow. Last meetings tonight. Game coming fast!!!
alexbrown96 Ur a hater!!! RT @dmpressley: Let's go Bama!!!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!!
T_Porter22 Nice plot RT @jgoody76: I was plotting all day lol
usama_young28 Time for meetings then a good night's sleep. We'll see y'all in the dome... Who dat!
alexbrown96 This is a behind the woodshed a** whipping but I will say this after dishing out so many I guess we have to take our medicine at some point
j_bushrod7475 Colossians 3.23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men...
MalcolmJenkins going to sleep... excited to play tomorrow in the dome again... we need it to be EXTRA loud tomorrow. Let get it Who Dat Nation!!!


Saints look for answers against Panthers - SunHerald.com
Jim Mashek - Pierre Thomas isn’t likely to play for the New Orleans Saints in today’s home game with the winless Carolina Panthers, which means the onus should fall on quarterback Drew Brees.

2theadvocate.com | With Thomas hobbled, Saints sign RB Wynn
Advocate News Services - Saturday's roster move, John Fox blurb, and Saints 2010 stats.

2theadvocate.com | Saints know they must stop the run
Sheldon Mickles - After giving up 122.2 rushing yards a game in 2009, one of the goals for the New Orleans Saints defense this season was to cut down on the number of big runs it was hit for a year ago.

NFL Preview - Carolina (0-3) at New Orleans (2-1) | neworleans.com
Sports Network (syndicated national media outlet) Analysis.

Inside the game: Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints | NOLA.com
Triplett - Breaking down Sunday's NFC South showdown.

Carolina Panthers RB duo has rookie QB's back | NOLA.com
Triplett - Gregg Williams says New Orleans Saints will have their work cut out for them.

Health of NFL running backs, especially those in New Orleans Saints uniforms, taking a big hit | NOLA.com
Duncan - 18 RBs have been placed on injured reserve leaguewide.

New Orleans Saints have reason to be wary of Carolina Panthers | NOLA.com
James Varney - They always seem to make rivalry matchup difficult.

Illustrated look at how New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees and his teammates did last week | NOLA.com
Feelin' the Brees graphic.



Panthers - Saints matchups | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
Key stats, starting lineups, injuries and schedules.

These Panthers not the only riddle | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
Scott Fowler - A riddle to start: Try to figure out the next number in this sequence: 12, 3, 15, 3, 18, 7 and 7. (Answer below)

If Panthers lead, they can't let up | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
Darin Gantt - The last time the Panthers went to New Orleans, back in the days when they never lost there, they had a chance.

Panthers WR LaFell returning to his comfort zone | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
Scott Fowler - For the Carolina Panthers, Sunday's game against the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints will be on the road. For rookie wide receiver Brandon LaFell, however, it will feel a lot like coming home.

Carolina Panthers' WRs' development relies on QB growth | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
Darin Gantt - At the moment, the Carolina Panthers don't have much in the way of name receivers. Honestly, the New Orleans Saints don't either.

Hurney's focus for Carolina Panthers: Get back on track | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
Carolina GM talks about off-season moves, team's 0-3 start and Fox's future (I'm pretty sure he means the coach and not the network).

Changing the lock will be key | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
Tom Sorensen (not sure if he's the Charlotte Observer's Mike Triplett, Jeff Duncan, James Varney, or Nakia Hogan) and his NFL picks for Week 4.

The list: Panthers best venues | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
The Panthers had won seven straight games in New Orleans before last year's hack job. But amazingly enough, it's not their best venue in recent years. Here's a look at the Panthers' best buildings during the John Fox era (minimum four games).



New Orleans Saints fans' Who Dat Dictionary (First Edition) | NOLA.com
Mark Lorando - A black & gold glossary created from reader comments and e-mails.

Falcons, 49ers heading in opposite directions | neworleans.com
AP - Quarterback Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons' offense is clicking, putting up points and getting the job done. The San Francisco 49ers' offense is sputtering and in disarray.


V-Roll Roll Call

Saints Vlog: October 2 - Pick for Saints vs Panthers | neworleans.com
Brian Allee-Walsh and his prognosticating companion take a final look at the Carolina contest Sunday in the Dome.


Drew Brees on the Carolina Panthers

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