Night and day. That’s the difference between the Saints team that took the field against the Browns and the one that showed up against the Steelers. Yes, a night and day performance and a literal night and day. Same players, same Dome. How much does motivation play a factor? Take out the different coaching scheme.

I’ve learned through personal experience that a blanket style of managing (or coaching) doesn’t work for me. It might work for others, but I haven’t seen it. Outside of technical changes in the way things are done, there is only a factor of effort and even then many areas are situational.

If we are talking about motivation only, then management needs to understand the personnel. Case in point: I have two employees in particular that I simply cannot treat the same way and get positive results. Both are hard workers, but if there is a time where improvement is needed I have to be firm with one man and the other I have to pat on the back. The guy I patted on the back for the things he does well will kill for me. That’s the way he works. He needs some reassurance that I find him a valuable employee and he’ll make the needed adjustments that I ask of him. The other guy I can pat on the back and nothing is changed, but when I kick his ass he goes into red-alert mode and is basically one of my best people. I have many more that are pat on the back type employees.

I don’t think that making people fear for their jobs is a good motivational tool. Other members of management have disagreed with that thought, but I’ve been doing this a day or two and I know what works and what does not.

What does this have to do with football? Maybe nothing, maybe everything, maybe I’ve had too much coffee and just like typing. However, don’t you think that some players need a kick in the ass and some need a pat on the back to perform better? Some people will say, "Oh no, no, no. Those guys are ‘professionals’. They shouldn’t need any ‘motivation’ from the coaching staff." Wrong. They are professional, but they are still young people. They are human and it is human nature to be influenced one way or another by outside factors, whether it be from their peers or their wives or the coaching staff.

In life, whether it be in sports or your place of business, negatives are constantly highlighted so improvements can be made.  It's important, I think, how those negative issues are handled. 

So, how much does the crowd make a difference? Isn’t a "BOO" and a "CHEER" from the home crowd similar to a kick in the butt or a pat on the back? "Nah, they’re professionals, they are not influenced by the crowd." Or are they? 

Any thoughts on motivation, whether it be athletes or a regular job? Any thoughts on the crowd being a factor? Any thoughts on what I should eat for lunch because I’m getting kind of hungry?

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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