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It's getting slow around here with the bye week, so let's liven it up a little bit.

To review, I started this to keep track of boasters and braggerts, unfair criticizers and presumptuous predictors.  The ones I didn't agree with.  So I could throw it back in their faces when I was eventually vinificated.  You won't get on here for something that doesn't annoy or provoke me in some manner.  If I agree with you, I'm not putting it on the list, which is entirely arbitrary and capricious.  Here we go:






Sep 22


CP demands vindication for proposing LT2 as the Saints' RB2-3 based on his performance for the Jets.

Hold the phone!  Rotoworld:  Nov10:  Tomlinson's productivity has fallen by the wayside since the season's first month, so the Jets appear to be hoping that scaling back his practice reps will allow the 31-year-old's legs to freshen. L.T. is no longer making defenders miss, averaging just 3.25 yards per carry in his last three games.

Nov 8



Betts will be first to get waived before JuJo or Tusk. says JuJo is waiver wire fodder when Bush returns after the bye.

Nov 2



Randy Moss would be a fine addition to any NFL team.  Don't believe his press, he's not such a bad guy, really.

Traded AND waived in the span of 5 weeks.  Must be a conspiracy.

Nov 2


The over thrown would be TD pass to Strief in week 8 indicates Brees' QB career peaked in 2009

Not Carson Palmer-esque necessarily.  More like Phil Simms.

Oct 23

Mr. Dave

No way Chris Ivory finishes this season healthy

Not exactly controversial, but I felt like it should be noted.

May 19

July 7

July 15    

Sep 7

Sep 7

Sep 30

Dan, jray





The Panthers!


James The Aussie

Carolina Panthers are not in steep decline in 2010

Worst team in the NFL.  I know the Bills have not yet won a game, but the Panters have only scored 88 points through 8 games (Buffalo = 150 in 8 games)

The real reason?  Fox deflected several questions about the team's personnel decisions in the offseason, when Carolina opted not to bring back about a dozen veterans and made no significant acquisitions.

Oct 12


If Julius Jones turns out to be Mike Bell, I'm giving up on Rotoworld

He'll need to finish the season on the roster.  Not too worried about it.

Sep 24


Reggie:  Lance Moore can do the same thing in the passing game. TUSK! will make Reggie obsolete.

Looking good on the Lance part.  TUSK! has the frequent injury part down pat, needs help with the rest.

June 28

July 6

July 19

July 19

July 19

Sep 8







Questions about Mike Martz's ability to improve Jay Cutler's performance

Leads the league with 28 sacks despite missing a game with a concussion.  That's not because he holds the ball too long.

Sep 8


As for Matt Forte, you're going to say he's back to his rookie form based on a performance against the RAIDERS?

Replaced by Chester Taylor for goal line carries.

Sep 27


Garrett Hartley keeps his active roster spot with the Saints in 2010, he won't be Mehlhaff'd.

Payton likes the fat punk kicker.  Me too.  He doesn't have to be 100%, people.

August 4


Malcolm Jenkins will start 13+ games at FS

6 down, 10 to go

Oh, so close.  Week 7:

Jenkins at CB, Usama at FS.

Sep 7

John Clayton

Preseason power ranking for Saints:  5th

This looks about right for now.  Better to be underrated.

June 28

Sep 7



Falcons more likely to have losing record than Panters

Mathematically possible, but not bloody likely.

June 16, 18

Sep 7

Sep 9




Cajun in CA

Chargers win the AFC west in 2010

1.5 games out of first place.  1.5 games of last place too.

June 28

July 19

July 20




Matt Ryan is a middle of the pack QB

Currently the #8 fantasy QB.

June 16

Hans, Dan, Satch

Not too worried about losing Bell. (Hans:  PJ Hill not a replacement)

Split Bell's carries between all RB's: 

Rushing game ranked 6th in 2009, currently 24th.  Someone should have worried.

May 14


Condemned Ricky Williams draft day trade, applauded Tebow draft day trade

Tebow is what you might call a "situational player".

July 8

July 19




Saints will finish as 3rd seed in NFC in 2010

It's wide open in the NFC

May 17


Believes Payton was addicted to Vicodin and Loomis aided cover-up

This has been swept under the rug like detaining and torturing enemy combatants.

July 20

Patrick @ AGH, LLC

2010 Saints running game will fail, causing team to collapse

He got half of it right.

August 24


Rookie Matt Tennant will be the starting center by midseason

Goodwin's contract is up after this year.  He'd have to really suck to lose his job before then.

September 4


Roethlisberger will end up in jail

Big Ben has been a model citizen lately.  How long can that last?

June 11


CP thinks PT and Reggie both gone in 2011

Outrageous at first, now looking prophetic.  But as long as Payton is coach, Reggie's NFL career is with the Saints.

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