Pro Bowl Balloting is now open at the wonderful Pro Bowl voting can now begin.  Let me be the first to say that voting for the Pro Bowl this early in the season is not only's down right unfair.  I don't think i need to remind Saints fans about how Colston probably would have made 2 Pro Bowls already if most of the voting took place at week 15 and 16 as opposed to week 10.  Now a lot of people don't take the Pro Bowl seriously.  After all the game really doesn't mean much.  However, i like to see it as a way i can try to reward the young players and old based on how truly well they represented their team throughout the year.  Please keep that in mind and i urge people to hold off on voting until as late as possible.  Also at least try to have a clear mind on this subject.  So below would be my ballot if i had to vote today (again though, i won't be voting until later in the season).


AFC---------------------------------------                                         NFC------------------------------------------------


Tom Brady NE                                                                           Drew Brees NO

Philip Rivers SD                                                                        Matt Ryan ATL

Peyton Manning IND                                                                Eli Manning


Now, AFC is easy...sorry but those three are pretty much primed on every single statistical category.  Now i know what some of you are saying about the NFC....Ryan and Peyton's baby brother...really?  Yes really.  Out of the QBs that have played at least half of their team's games, Ryan and Eli are 1 and 2 in QB rating, 3 and 1 respectively in TD passes and 4 and 2 respectively in passing yards.  Fact is...they've earned the spot.  Now keep and eye on Aaron Rodgers who also is top 4 in these categories.  Also a shout out to Mike Vick....sorry but he hasn't played enough.  Keep playing like he is though, and he easily earns a nod.  I want to see him finish the rest of the season healthy, however.



Chris Johnson                                                                           Adrian Peterson

Darren McFadden                                                                     Ahmad Bradshaw

Jamaal Charles                                                                        Frank Gore


These were fairly easy for me.  Every one of these backs are contributing and contributing big for their teams.  Can you imagine Jamaal Charles if he wasn't sharing part time duty?  I intentionally left Foster off the list...sorry but that huge game to open the season inflates his numbers still.  He's been good since, but not great.  Keep an eye on Mendenhall and him though the rest of the season.  Hillis is pushing hard (again a reason to not vote early) and LT seems to be waning a bit.  As for the NFC Turner can easily break through, and personally i want to see Jackson improve his YPC.



Brandon Lloyd                                                                           Roddy White

T.O.                                                                                              Hakeem Nicks

Andre Johnson                                                                          Calvin Johnson

Reggie Wayne                                                                          Larry Fitzgerald


Now AFC is a cakewalk for me.  Only real odd man out at this point is Brandon Marshall...but the boy needs to find the endzone before i start giving him more credit.  In the NFC..I'm giving Fitz' a slight nod at the moment over Austin and Colston, he's been consistent and is frankly the only bit of offense on that team.  Colston started slow and Austin started well but has been slipping.  Should be a good race the rest of the way....go Colston, I'm hoping you'll eventually EARN your first nod.




Ahmard Hall  TEN


Guy's a beast...sorry, no NFC fullback has stood out to me yet.



Antonio Gates                                                                               Vernon Davis

Zach Miller                                                                                     Jason Witten

Sorry, i like complete tight ends (no jokes please).  It's because of that i give Zach Miller a nod over Keller and a bunch of rookies in the AFC who are more one dimensional.  In the NFC, i see Pettigrew and Gonzales pushing these guys, although Gonzo's gone incredibly quiet for most of the year.  Pettigrew, however, has been excellent for a struggling team.



Matt Light                                                                                       David Diehl

Jake Long                                                                                      Joe Staley

Michael Oher third vote for me yet for the NFC...someone needs to stand out.  While it's true our Saints boys are anchoring an O-line that has given up less sacks than anyone but the Giants, i think we all agree they can play better than they have, especially the way the played early.  Perhaps the best tackle in the AFC...Marcus McNeil's been sitting on the sidelines until a few weeks ago due to a holdout.  Now that he's back...expect Rivers to keep on passing like mad.



Steve Neal                                                                                   Chris Snee

Eric Wood                                                                                    Cal Nicks

Ben Grubbs                                                                                Jahri Evans

First off Neal's been solid and so has Grubbs....Eric Wood?....Buffalo?  Yes peeps...he's that good and will be for years.  Snee's anchored the line for the Giants inside along with Shaun Ohara...what have they done?  Given up the fewest sacks in the NFC combined with leading the way for the 2nd leading rusher as well.  Now Nicks and Evans...homer picks?  At this point yes. But there's little doubt they're the best tandem in the league.  The second half they better start playing like it.



Maurkice Pouncey                                                                      Shaun O'hara

Nick Mangold                                                                              Ryan Kalil

The rookie in Pitt gets a nod over Saturday and Hardwick...although if SD gets it's run game going...he'll easily be in the mix.  Kalil?....wonderful offensive lineman with great intelligence who's unfortunately stuck on Stu's favorite team in a steep decline.


DEFENSE  - (note i know some of these players are out of position...but it's how they're listed on the ballot)



Jason Babin                                                                                Osi Umenyiora

Robert Mathis                                                                              Chris Clemons

Mario Wiliams                                                                             Trent Cole

Sorry Freeney Fans...Mathis has had a better year, and frankly Freeney needs to play the run better like his counter part.  Now to the dirty bird fans....Abraham may be sacking like old...but see my comment on Freeney.  Guy has less tackles than a 3/4 nose tackle.



Haloti Ngata                                                                                Ndamakpmg Suh

Tommy Kelly                                                                               Sed Ellis

Richard Seymour                                                                       Justin Smith

Unfortunately some of the more worthy DEs get stuck down they got put as a DT on the ballot.  Hard to find a better set of 6 guys though in my opinion.  Congrats on Ellis for hopefully making his first Pro far he's deserved it.  Stay healthy big boy.



Cameron Wake                                                                         Clay Matthews

Tamba Hali                                                                                Demarcus Ware

James Harrison                                                                        Brian Orakpo

The two rooks from last year continue to impress.  All six of these guys are complete players, not just pass-rush specialists.



Jerod Mayo                                                                                 Patrick Willis

Lawrence Timmons                                                                 Curtis Lofton

This is a tough one for me.  Frankly in the AFC, both those guys are tackling machines and Timmons is slowly becoming one of the best in the game, period.  Willis is god like.  Lofton...kid deserves props.  I love Vilma as much as anyone, but i have to vote based on more than knowledge and running a D...Vilma has the know how, but he's lacking in the numbers department at the moment.  Still...he can make the list.  Although London Fletcher will be nipping at his heels.



Nnamdi Asomugha                                                                  Aqib Talib

Kelvin Hayden                                                                            Asante Samuel

Devin McCourty                                                                          Tramon Williams

I'm the first to call out that frankly CB is an incredibly hard position to pick.  It combines tackling ability, cover ability, interceptions, passes defensed...everything.  You'll never see Asomugha high on those lists outside cover ability...why?...cause nobody throws at him.  Enough said.  Hayden's had a solid, solid year and the rookie out of Rutgers is frankly very, very good.  Talib, Samuel and Williams....well they're simply leaders in every single's hard to argue with the production.



Eric Berry                                                                                     Laron Landry

The rookie is simply that good.  He got beat early in 2 games....since....Pro Bowler, hands down.  Landry...leader in tackles and passes defensed for strong safeties with a few pics to boot.  He's starting to play like the player he was drafted to be.  And to the Bell, Whitner and Pollard fans out there....sorry you have to do more than simply tackle to make my list.  Learn to play out of the box.



Michael Griffin                                                                            Earl Thomas

Griffin has been the best safety in football so far this year.  Earl Thomas...yea rookie's that good, look it up.



Dan Carpenter                                                                          Matt Bryant

Qualifier for kicker...simple, make the damn kick.  It's hard to argue against either of these guys production so far in the first half.



Shane Lechler                                                                          Mat McBriar

I Morstead?  Here's the sitch.  Morstead is second in the NFC in both punting average and net average.  Who's first....Mat McBriar.


Kickoff Returner

Brandon Tate                                                                           Larod Stephens Howling

These two guys have been electric all year.  Howling gets the nod over Leon Washington because he's done it more consistently over every game of the season.


Now i didn't pick a special teamer.....sorry I admit i don't have the knowledge to be able to select a special team player to represent the AFC and NFC.  Well those are my pics so far, again though I won't put in my vote until closer to year's end.  Feel free to debate, tell me where I'm an idiot (though do it nicely please) and get on your own soap box for your favorite players.  Enjoy the's fun to watch, and remember, at least try and vote for those who are truly deserving and not just represent your favorite team.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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