The View from Section 245: Happy Saintsgiving!


I finally got to attend my first Saints game! It's almost beyond description. Living in Kansas, I come across very few Saints fan. From the minute we walked into the hotel, we were surrounded by Who Dats. They were everywhere!
Everyone high five'ing and who dat'ing...really fun!


Make the jump for more and some pictures! Our seats were in section 245, row 15. They were in endzone (where Lance Moore scored the winning touchdown) in the last row. Immediately behind our seats was what I guess was the Standing Room Only area. Fortunately, the group behind us were all Who Dats.  
I can't believe the number of Saints fan in attendance. And the noise that we created....LOUD!!! The Cowgirl fans were pretty uninspiring in the beginning, but as they pulled ahead, they came alive and got pretty loud themselves. I think they sort of fed off the energy from the Saints fans.  
I think I enjoyed the pre-game stuff almost as much as the game itself. It was great to watch the guys warming up. I ended up renting a pair of binoculars to get a really good view. My son and I kept passing them back and forth and shouting out who we spotted.  
I chose Malcom Jenkins as the MVP of the game. BUT that was before I knew the whole story. I thought the JenkSlap of Roy Williams was awesome! But here's how it really went down: My hubby bought a $10 tub of popcorn to share with my son. It was a really nice plastic tub with a lid with Cowboy logo stuff all over it. They munched down for awhile and eventually put the lid back on and set it down. Right before the JenkSlap play, my son picked up the tub of popcorn, turned to my hubby and said "We haven't played very well since I put the lid on this. I'm going to take the lid of and let the luck back out." As soon as he did, BOOM! JenkSlap! Ball is ours!!! I didn't hear this story until we were back at the hotel. So I think my son is the MVP!

I know y'all are trying to coin a term for Jenk's takeaway. We've been using JenkSlap...a play on the term b****slap. We like it!   On Moore's winning touchdown, I thought Tusk had the ball, and I was yelling at him to RUN! Fooled me!   I wore Shockey's jersey, my son wore Thomas, and my hubby wore Sharper...none of these dudes played.  
My pictures didn't turn out as well as I hoped. Some of them are decent, but most of the time, I was shaking too much or too excited.  
The view from our seats 


Lance Moore running laps to warm up 


Drew Brees talking to some people when he first came onto the field 017

Drew warming up


Darren Sharper warming up. We were disappointed he didn't play.


Wide receivers getting loose


Suited up, still warming up


I think this guy in the white shirt/black pants is Shockey.


I thought it was funny that Morestead was out there with the cheerleaders


Coin toss


Me and my kiddo


In the 2nd half


The other side of this sign was Juicy Fruit


Post game celebration


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