Steelers Fans at my Place of Work - Sore Losers?

I knew of one Steelers Fan prior to the game, and made a bet with her, based upon her jawing with me for the week leading up to the game.  Losing team's fan buys a coffee drink for the winning team's fan.  

Today I returned to work after being off Monday and Tuesday, and the fun began when she arrived.  

She brought the McDonald's latte to me, and said, "Here you go, and it doesn't really count, because you didn't really win, but I bought it for you anyway.  The refs gave you that game with all their terrible calls and non-calls."

Hunh?  I searched my data banks, and couldn't recall any instances where I felt we "got away" with an iffy call that went our way, or even "got away" with a blatant penalty that went unjustly uncalled.

So, later on I ask her, "Which bad calls did you mean?"  

"Well, they took away our touchdown two times on that one drive, and your guys were holding Harrison all night long."  "And the way that ref was explaining the challenge and the decision, it seemed like he didn't know what he was talking about, so it wasn't right that he took it away from us."

I started to respond that both those goal-line calls, while close, were ultimately called correctly, but just let it lie.  And every time I saw her the rest of the day, I just thanked her for the coffee.

The two other Pittsburgh fans approached me and both spoke very cautiously and deliberately about the game and said things that I can't recall exactly here and now, but I felt like they were saying that we were just lucky to win and that they didn't mind losing to us.

Two things in my reaction to them:

One,  I said that it sure looked like they were going to score when we knocked the ball out of Miller's hands, and I'm glad we made that play, and that I was nervous the whole game about who would win because it was so close and hard-fought.  

B. -  I couldn't tell whether it was a "pity-based" we don't mind losing to you (I'm getting pretty tired of being dismissed as legitimate in this manner), or a "you're our 2nd favorite team...we root for the Saints when we're not watching Pittsburgh" kind of thing, but I didn't press it to ask about it, figuring it may be better to let it lie (that's twice I did that today).  


Why am I telling y'all this story?  To help me process it, please.

1)  Although I'm not a huge fan of Micky-D's coffee, it was one of the best lattes ever because of how it was obtained...and to let you share in that joy with me.

2)  I try to be objective, but I know it's difficult when I'm watching my Saints.  Were there bad calls in that game that I just missed?  Were those goal-line plays closer than I thought?  Did we catch a lot of breaks in that game?

3)  As for part B above, should I feel differently about it if it's a "pity-based" we don't mind losing to you vs.  "you're my second favorite team" situation, or am I just being too sensitive?

I await the feedback of my CSC brethren and...sistren, sisters?  Thanking you in advance.  I'm gonna hang up now and listen to your answers.



This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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