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TIme to freshen it up a little.  Only a couple of new entries and they're pretty mild.  Hey, don't walk on eggshells on my account.






Nov 15


SAINTS will go 4-0 in games against Seattle, Dallas, Cincy and the Rams.

(SAINTS 33-20 over Dallas Cowboys.)


(Saints 30, Dallas 27)

Maybe I'd better start going to church.

Nov 15


Saints go 2-2 against Seattle, Dallas, Cincy and the Rams.


I KNOW jeff needs to start going to church.

Dec 3


Falcons lose to the Saints and Bucs/Seahawks

Phil, I'm really hoping you go 1 for 3.

Dec 9

Mr. Dave

I don't think Pierre will be playing (in week 14 vs. Rams)

12 for 39 rushing,

4 for 29 receiving.

So much for conspiracy theories.

Nov 8

Nov 15

Nov 16





Betts will be first to get waived before JuJo or Tusk. placed RB Ladell Betts on injured reserve with a neck injury, ending his season.  Betts has missed the last two games, and with Pierre Thomas slated to return this weekend he's no longer needed.

Wonder if he'll be needed in 2011?

Nov 2



Randy Moss would be a fine addition to any NFL team.  Don't believe his press, he's not such a bad guy, really.  Randy Moss said he'd "love" to return to the Titans next season if given the opportunity.

"This organization has been good to me. My production has not been where I want it to be or where the organization wants it to be. But when it comes down to it, I think they are happy with where they are at with me and I am happy with where I'm at," he said.

Probably should have said he'd "be a fine addition to any NFL team that has a real quarterback to throw to him."

Nov 2


The over thrown would be TD pass to Strief in week 8 indicates Brees' QB career peaked in 2009

Young guns Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman loom in the near distance.

Oct 23

Mr. Dave

No way Chris Ivory finishes this season healthy

He's one snap away from going on IR.

Oct 12


If Julius Jones turns out to be Mike Bell, I'm giving up on Rotoworld

In 2009, Bell played in 13 regular season games, rushed for 654 yards (3.8) and 5 TD's.  JUJO so far has 8 games with the Saints, 185 yards (4.3) and 0 TD's.  I think TUSK! is filling the Mike Bell shoes.

Sep 24


Reggie:  Lance Moore can do the same thing in the passing game. TUSK! will make Reggie obsolete.

Reggie is not having a good season, post injury.  Big question mark for 2011.

June 28

July 6

July 19

July 19

July 19

Sep 8

Nov 12








Questions about Mike Martz's ability to improve Jay Cutler's performance

ESPN's Ron Jaworski concluded that 11 of the 12 interceptions that Jay Cutler has thrown this season are his own fault.  In spite of his criticism of the gunslinger, Jaws praised Cutler for making some unbelievable throws in tight coverage.  Jaworski is encouraged by Cutler's development under offensive coordinator Mike Martz, and that "twelve isn't a horrible number". We agree that his interceptions aren't pacing preseason projections, but lackluster protection from his offensive line for most of the season has prevented Cutler from a truly breaking out in an otherwise successful season in Chicago.

Sep 8


As for Matt Forte, you're going to say he's back to his rookie form based on a performance against the RAIDERS?

In 14 games he's averaged 4.3 yards per carry.  2008 = 3.9

Sep 27


Garrett Hartley keeps his active roster spot with the Saints in 2010, he won't be Mehlhaff'd.

Jeff Duncan predicts redemption for the fat punk kicker in week 16 against the Falcons.

Sep 7

John Clayton

Preseason power ranking for Saints:  5th

Unless Matty Ice collapses, the little ESPN twerp looks like a genius.

I'm calling this one.  He IS a twerp.

June 16, 18

Sep 7

Sep 9




Cajun in CA

Chargers win the AFC west in 2010

1 game behind KC with 2 to play.  The Chiefs have Titans and Raiders at home.  The Bolts visit the Bengals and the Broncos.

June 28

July 19

July 20




Matt Ryan is a middle of the pack QB

Currently the #9 fantasy QB.  Behind Matt Schaub.

June 16

Hans, Dan, Satch

Not too worried about losing Bell. (Hans:  PJ Hill not a replacement)

Split Bell's carries between all RB's: 

Rushing game ranked 6th in 2009, currently 26th.  Without TUSK!, Payton conceded the run game to the Ravens.  

Forget 2010, start worrying about 2011.  We could've drafted Toby Gerhart.

May 14


Condemned Ricky Williams draft day trade, applauded Tebow draft day trade

His crackback blocks draw bounties.  Sort of.

July 8

July 19




Saints will finish as 3rd seed in NFC in 2010

Of course, I thought they'd be #1.  But it's looking like #5.

3rd is not gonna happen.

May 17


Believes Payton was addicted to Vicodin and Loomis aided cover-up

This is going to fade away like Willie Roaf's wife's indiscretions.

July 20

Patrick @ AGH, LLC

2010 Saints running game will fail, causing team to collapse

If TUSK! goes on IR, Patrick might be vindicated here.

August 24


Rookie Matt Tennant will be the starting center by midseason

14 games, 0 starts

Maybe next year.

September 4


Roethlisberger will end up in jail

He's not in jail, but he probably paid hush money to his plastic surgeon's nurse and receptionist.

June 11


CP thinks PT and Reggie both gone in 2011

Outrageous at first, now looking prophetic.  No longer sure of the Payton- Reggie bond either. 

July 29

Phil Dellinger

Dems will lose the House this fall

Phil's a big bleeding heart liberal.


July 29

Phil Dellinger

Dems will support legislation to retain Bush tax cuts in whole or in part

It's looking like Phil understands politics better than I do.

boom again

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