Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Saints @ Bengals Fleur-de-Links Gameday Edition

Wonder what they'll be wearing today? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

It's go time.  After a long mini-bye-week following our Jenksgiving Day Miracle Victory over Dallas, we are finally ready to take the field in Cincinnati today.  

Facing a team that has lost eight in a row, we are sincerely hoping that they are not due for a win against us, and that our boys are prepared for the weather conditions.  

Will it be messy for the Saints? (TO thinks so.)

Or will it be a Quiet Storm of the Saints making it nasty for Cincinnati? (I'd like to see this.)

Make the jump to start your pre-game reading and preparations.

Saints vs Bengals coverage

Saints vs Bengals preview

Cincy Jungle

Paul Brown Stadium Weather



T_Porter22 Thx alot Cincinnati! Ugggggh! 
usama_young28 Memories of tackle football in the snow when I was younger. @MRamono I'm sorry for scoring all those touchdowns
jgoody76 Reminds me of my days in Ann arbor. Should be fun tomorrow! #goblue #whodat
jgoody76 I take it auburn scored on the first drive RT @STEVENQWILLIAMS: Hey people football is 4 Quarters not 1 series!!! Bird brains
MalcolmJenkins Just got in cincinnati... its not that cold lol
jgoody76 A turf burn doesn't cause you to bleed like that.
HeathEvans Here's the pic from my hotel room. Oh yeah.... My heat doesn't work in my room! Freezing right now!#fb
jeffduncantp RT @Official_Saints: Saints Snowman RT @ChrisBreaud: @Official_Saints in cincy, ready to cheer on the saints!
dmpressley That shirt I have on is from my teammate Pierre Thomas line "Angry Hero"
jgoody76 Big drive by sc
MalcolmJenkins Headed to eat
HeathEvans Better 2 b lucky than good sometimes!!#fb
jgoody76 Wow I left my room. They hit a hail Mary?
alexbrown96 Couldn't have been any sweeter and bitter just before the half for the ole ball coach. They have to pick it up cause Newton looks good
HeathEvans I hate 2 say it Auburn fans but Cam needs to leave for the NFL....his stock cant get any higher! Example: Matt (cont)
HeathEvans Bout time r Defense scored some points!#fb
HeathEvans The SEC will have 11 out of 12 teams n bowl games! Is there even a doubt which conference is the best?!?!#fb
Jmack37 Well it's safe to say Auburn or Oregon??
HeathEvans "@Jmack37: Well it's safe to say Auburn or Oregon??"U know it's Auburn!!
Jmack37 How much y'all think it would have cost Temple to get cam newton?
JonVilma51 Dam talk about a beatdown by auburn....reminds me of the good ol days at da U!
scottshanle Go big red! Huskers 17 sooners 16
alexbrown96 Eating my favorite snack just before meetings.... Thanks @popchips
Jmack37 @alexbrown96 come on dawg u know bbq flavor pop chips the best
dmcallister26  Ladies&Gents boys&girls thank u for allowing me n your twit world. Have fun stay safe. #wheels up 26
reggie_bush Excited for tomorrows game! I hope it's cold and snowing hard tomorrow we don't get a chance to play in that type of weather much!
TylerLorenzen U C O N N UCONN UCONN UCONN!!!!!
ChaseDaniel RT @TylerLorenzen U C O N N UCONN UCONN UCONN!!!!! Dang! I see your boys out there...BCS!
j_bushrod7475 Colossians 3.23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men...
BillyMiller83 @TylerLorenzen T-LO congrats to UCONN I thought I would never say that
T_Porter22 Gametime! #leegooo

From the Saints Sideline

New Orleans Saints tailback Pierre Thomas will be inactive for today's game |
Mike Triplett - Thomas won't play against Cincinnati Bengals.

New Orleans Saints say they've learned lesson about playing struggling opponents |
James Varney works the "It's a Trap!!" angle.

Marques Colston makes noise with his play for the New Orleans Saints |
Jeff Duncan - Marques, in his quiet  way, will make it messy for TO and CO to have a better game than him...

'Different' receivers on display today in Cincinnati |
Sheldon Mickles - Another contrast of Saints/Bengals WRs. Would you rather have a Quiet Storm or a Media Maelstrom?

Pierre Thomas still a possibility for Saints on eve of Bengals tilt |
B A-W - The article makes for tricky reading as all the apostrophes are coding as hieroglyphics in the visual view...

Saints look for fifth straight against Bengals |
Jim Mashek

From the Concrete Jungle

Five keys for the Bengals |
Joe Reedy examines what the Bengals have to do to beat the Saints on Sunday.

Scouting report: Saints vs. Bengals | 
Joe Reedy

Bengals' woes start with Carson Palmer |
Joe Reedy - Carson Palmer is Issue One in analyzing why things have gone wrong for the Bengals. If it's not physical, is it psychological? And will playing the Saints today make it better - or worse?

Bengals get a Super shot |
Geoff Hobson

Game day: Facts and figures |
Facts and figures about the Bengals-Saints matchup from Joe Reedy. (Note: He predicts we'll win by our Super Bowl score.)

Local Saints come marching home |
Kevin Goheen - Zach Strief and Matt Tennant have been looking forward to this weekend.

Five questions with Bobbie Williams |
Staff report

Final Word: AFC North - AFC North Blog -
James Walker - Here are five nuggets of knowledge about Week 13.


Illustrated look at the New Orleans Saints offense performed last week |
Dan Swenson - Feelin' the Brees graphic

Falcons' playoff drive gets kick from Bryant's field goal, Hartley's miss |
Peter Finney - Both kickers played a big role in the season.

This Week in the NFL |
Sheldon Mickles' power ratings, game to watch, NFL picks, and TV schedule.

Mike Triplett has taken the lead in the NFL predictions race |
Season results and Week 13 picks.

NFL players should go ahead and get ready for a lockout |
AP Report - Worried about the dangers of an 18-game season? We might need to be more worried about a 0-game season in 2011.




Audio Action

Watch this at WWL - The Fan and the Pro (Hour one)
Watch this at WWL - The Fan and the Pro (Hour two)
Watch this at WWL - The Fan and the Pro (Hour three)

Malcolm Jenkins on 1530 The Homer in Cincinnati




V-Roll Roll Call




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