Analysis For the Off-season

Well fellow CSC members, the Saints Superbowl season is nearing an official close, and the new season is upon us. Even if it does take some time for hell to unfreeze. With that said, here's an analysis for the offseason.



1) Short Yardage Situations: Last year, even though we were 6th in the league in rushing, towards the end of the year and in the playoffs and even the Superbowl (I mean, 4 chances at the 1 yard line and you can't punch it in?), our team was not so super in short yardage situations, especially not when rushing. At times, i felt the play call was just not right, and at other times, it was too obvious, and at yet other times, I was left wondering why running backs of our team's caliber couldn't deliver. 

1) Possible Solutions: LT in the Big Easy? I don't know, but if Tomlinson has the right attitude about him, then this just might work.


2) Backup Production: On both sides of the ball,  the Saints' backups were not so Saintly. On offense, did you see Brunell in that Panthers game? Don't worry. I didn't notice him either. At backup safety, Usama Young came and stepped in admirably with a clutch red-zone interception after Sharper went down. But as a backup corner? Yuck. I don't want to say it but, if either Greer or Porter go down, the Saints D is screwed as of now. 

2) Possible Solutions: Jenkins is too slow to play on the outside down in, down out. As a physical nickel corner, he is excellent, and he might become a safety. Only time will tell. However, the Saints should really look at a couple nice cornerbacks that can fill in and not give up too much. Lito Shepperd as a backup, anyone? What about Nick Harper from the Titans? At backup QB, I think the Saints should look long and hard at trying to develop Chase Daniels this year, and if it doesn't work out, then look at a project QB in the next year's draft. 


3) D Line: This unit is very mediocre, with the exception of Will Smith. Bobby McCray started showing up a little towards the end of the year, and Charles Grant was just a failure. Sedrick Ellis is solid, but he needs more help in the middle. Anthony Hargrove, a fan favorite, is interesting because of his incessantly churning motor, but he is not a starter.  

3) Possible Solutions: Draft a DT in the first round. I don't care about OLB or Sean Weatherspoon. That's not nearly as important as people are making it out to be. And also people, Julius Peppers isn't coming down here. That just doesn't happen. Then look at DE in the next round and then work from there. Free agency options include: a thin crop at DE, unless the Saints somehow land Jeavon Kearse or Kyle Vanden-Bosch. DTs are simply not going to be there for the picking through free agency. The Saints'  best shot to improve the D Line is either through trade or the draft. 


So, what do you think. Comment below!

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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