I had a dream

I had the most glorious dream last night. It started with the Saints losing the coin toss and ending with them winning 71 - 23. It was a beautiful dream.

The Colts started the game on their own 20 yard line. On First down the Saints stop Addai for a two yard loss. There was a holding penalty on second down, which made it 2 and 21. Then Sed Ellis got to Manning and he throws an INT. Sharper runs it back 32 yards for a td. Saints up 7 - 0.

Second series Colts start at the 20 again. Manning is sacked by Hargrove on first down for a 7 yard loss. Then Manning throws a screen to Addai for 4 yards. On third and 13, Manning is rushed by Ellis and Hargrove and goes to Clark as a safety valve for a 3 yard gain. The Colts punt and Bush returns the ball 83 yards for a td and the Saints are up 14 - 0 and I remember the announcer of game say 14 points and the offense hasn't even been on the field.

Colts start on the 20 again. Hargrove tips the ball on first down. Then Addai rushes for 3 yards. On 3 and 7 they try a quick pass in the flat to Wayne and Porter tackles him for a 2 yard gain. The Colts then angle punt out of bounds and the Saints get the ball at the 38 yard line.

I don't remember the drive too well, but it ends with a 17 yard screen pass for a td to Reggie. I remember the announcer saying that Brees was 3 for 3 for 37 yards on the drive and that Bush had 3 carries for 13 yards and Pierre had 3 carries for 11 yards. Saints now up 21 - 0 in the first quarter.

On the next series the Colts get a return to the 25 and then on first down complete a 48 yard pass to Garcon. Then Addai got 11 on three straight carries.Then Manning threw 2 incomplete passes and gain almost 9 yards on third down on a pass to Reggie Wayne. They settle for a field goal and it is 21 - 3.

Robbie returns the ball to the Colts 48 yard line. Where Brees completes a 48 yard td pass to Meachem. Saints up 28 - 3.

Colts got a return to the 22 yard line. The end of the first quarter. Manning then goes 5 for 7 for 66 yards and Addai had 2 carries for 12 yards and a one yard td. Saints up 28 - 10.

The Saints then started at the 20 yard line. Brees completed one pass to Colston for 22 yards for a td and Thomas had 12 carries for 58 yards. Saints up 35 - 10.

Colts then got the ball on their own 18. Then Manning goes 7 for 9 for 82 yards and the Saints are up 35 - 17.

With 6:07 on the clock. The Saints start at the 24 yard line and Bush goes 8 carries for 72, ending with a 33 yard td run. The Saints up 42 - 17.

Manning gets the ball with 42 seconds left. He generates a 33 yards on 3 completions to Wayne. Then they miss a 51 yard field goal 42 - 17 at half time.

On the opening kickoff Roby returns the ball 33 yards to the Saints 39 yard line. On first down, Thomas goes 22 yards for a first down. Then Bush catches a screen pass for 38 yards. Then Thomas goes for 4 yards and then Bush goes 3 yards for a td. Saints up 49 - 17.

Then the Colts fumbled the kickoff and the Saints got the ball at 22 yard line. Brees hits Shockey over the middle and bulls into the endzone. Saints up 56 - 17.

The Colts start at the 17 yard line. Manning is sacked and fumbles the ball is kicked around into the endzone, the Colts recovered for a safety. Saints up 58 - 17.

Then the Saints get the ball at the 24. Thomas gets 7 carries for 25 yards. Bush gets 6 carries for 28 yards. The Saints settle for a 41 yard field goal Saints up 61 - 17.

Manning goes 7 - 13 for 78 and a td to Clark. They went for two and missed it. Saints up 61 -23.

The Saints started at the 34. Then Thomas gets 6 carries for 26 yards and Bush gets 5 carries for 24 yards. Then the Saints get a 34 yard field goal. The Saints are up 64 - 23.

Manning then goes for 3 - 8 for 44 yards and miss a 4 and 4 and turn the ball over on downs. The third quarter ended during this drive.

Thomas goes for 12 carries for 49 yards and the Saints turn it over on downs at the Colts 17 yard line. Still 64 - 23.

On first down Manning is sacked for 9 yards and leaves the field with a concussion. Painter then throws a interception to the Saints 44, which Porter returns 56 for a td. Saints 71 - 23.

Painter goes 3 - 9 for 37 yards, but turns the ball over on downs.

Then Thomas has 10 carries for 56 yards, but turns the ball over on downs.

Then Painter knees three times to end the game.

The MVP went to Reggie Bush who had 278 total yards, 23 - 140 yards rushingm 2 catches for 55 yards with a td receiving, passing and rushing. Brees was 7 for 7 for 167 yards and 4 tds. Thomas had 42 carries for 195 yards. The Saints ended up with 65 carries for 335 yards rushing and 502 yards of total offense.

Some dream huh? 

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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