Voice of Reason...

I'll make this brief, as I haven't much time at the moment.


The Saints will win the Superbowl hands down, and here's why...


1) For all the talk about the Colts' offense and Payton Manning's greatness the fact remains Drew Brees had better stats and New Orleans had the number one offense. The #2 offense was Minnesota and the Saints beat them, didn't say it was pretty, but it happened. If it becomes a shoot-out like so many 'experts' predict, pick the team that can put more points on the board.


2) Both defenses are ranked low on the totem poll, but the Saints' Defense was a top ten defense the first half of the season (before losing starters). And, of course, the Saints cause turnovers. If you're of the mind that Manning does not make mistakes, then realize Drew Brees has thrown fewer interceptions. Also realize that Bret Favre (despite being historically known for being interception-prone) threw fewer interceptions than both Manning and Brees, and we all saw what happened in the NFC Championship game.


3) The Saints have the #1 Redzone passing defense. The Saints' defense have given up fewer passing touchdowns within the redzone than any other team in the NFL this year. For a pass-heavy team like the Colts, this does not bode well...


4) Coming from behind.  Both teams have had come-from-behind victories this year. I believe the Colts have had 7 or so 4th-quarter victory drives. While impressive, it also says that the Colts have come quite close to losing far more often than the Saints have. The Saints have shown they can rally to the cause, but oftentimes don't need to as they are a more complete team.


5) Competition. So you beat the Ravens with 2nd-year QB Joe Flacco, wow. So you beat the Jets with Rookie QB Sanchez. WOW. The Saints also beat the Jets, and gave up fewer points, despite having less film to study. On top of that, the Saints beat the defending NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals with 2-time MVP, super Bowl-winning and future Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner. Pretty Soundly, despite the Cardinals putting up 51 points on the highly-ranked Green bay defense the week before. Not to mention the Saints also beat the Vikings, who I already mentioned had the #2 offense of the NFL, and claim ratings-megastar-3-time-MVP-Superbowl-winning-future-hall-of-Fame QB Bret Favre. The level of competition the Saints have played in the play-offs far surpasses that of the Colts.


Don't be surprised if the Saints win by double-digits tomorrow. Somehow a 4th-quarter comeback doesn't mean so much if you fall 12-points short....

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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