Ray Edwards

As we've seen lately, the Saints have been looking for some help at defensive help. Mainly looking at old guys that played for the Rams last season, to be more accurate. Those two guys are James Hall and Leonard Little, and while both of them would be solid pickups as rotational linemen, I'm not so sure it really answers our HUGE question at who will start opposite Will Smith next season. One name has been floating around cyberspace though, and it's Ray Edwards. The Vikings only tendered him with a first round pick, and honestly I think that's a bargain for him. More after the jump.







Ray Edwards had a pretty solid regular season, not exactly stunning or great, but it wasn't bad. A notable stat on Edwards though is what he did in the post season. In one game against the Cowboys in the Divisional Round of the NFC Playoffs, Edwards lit up lil' Tony Romo THREE times. Now I do understand that the Cowboy's line isn't exactly the best, but they're not that bad and Edwards really let the hammer down in that game. The next week he came down into our house and dropped Drew Brees once, which is by no means an easy task. It seemed like when it mattered, Edwards turned it on and let loose the dogs. The interesting thing is this quote he had from an interview back in February:

"[Coach Brad Childress] actually said, basically just to be blunt, that they were going to tender me. 'I know it's not the raise you're looking for, but basically there's nothing you can do about it.' I mean, he's right because if another team doesn't value my talents and what I can do, that's basically what it is."

Does that mean that the Vikings aren't all that high on Ray, and would be willing to let him go simply for a first rounder? If I were the Saints, and I saw quite what may or may not be available at the 32nd pick in the draft, I'd pull the trigger and sign this guy to an offer sheet.

The 6'5" 260-pounder is only 25 and still has an immense amount of potential. He may have started to truly realize what he had under the hood in the playoffs last season, and coming to a team that has proven they can get there and win it, he may actually like the idea of playing here. He's about three years older than most rookies, but he's undoubtedly got the same amount of potential as most, and on top of that he has a decent body of work thus far. Of course all of this is speculative, and more likely than not he'll be back in Minnesota, where Brett Favre plans on leading his team to yet another season that ends in heartbreak. I honestly think that if Favre leaves, it'll be his fault they do poorly, and if he stays it'll be his fault once again. So, how about it? Ray Edwards anyone?

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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