Saints should draft a QB!

In the 4th round though. I think behind the top 2 QBs, the next best one (potential wise) is a very physically gifted player from an unknown school. His name is John Skelton, and he absolutely shredded up D-IAA while playing at tiny Fordham University. Leading the division in total yards and yards per game (passing of course), he has several attributes that set him apart from other prospects. While other QBs behind Bradford and Clausen are before Skelton in some areas, his body of work and room to grow has to leave a bunch of teams watering at the mouth.



Let's start with his size.

  • 6'5" 244 lbs

That's ridiculous. He's got the size of a starting caliber QB, but what about his arm?

  • Makes 50 yard throws effortlessly, accurate on short, mid- and long range passes. His deep balls don't hang. Passes sometimes wobbly, but stay on target. Throws from multiple angles. Quick release.

Ohhhh it only gets better. Let's go to accuracy and decision making.

  • 2009 Passer rating: 150.05. 64.4% completion rate. 3,713 passing yards. 26 TDs and 10 interceptions. Scouts note that he will often go through his second and third progressions and go to a check-down, underneath receiver if the deep ball isn't there.

Now that's something you like to hear. He does have some issues with throwing off his back foot and relying on arm strength a bit too often, while also trusting his receivers too much with jump balls, but this guy looks and sounds like a Sean Payton guy. One more area I would like to touch on before I conclude. Intangibles.

  • In 2009 alone he had 86 rushing attempts for 348 yards and 5 TDs, in his career he was 296 for 1216 and TDs. Skelton played in 43 total games and has no serious or minor injury issues. He's also a quiet media person, but a high quality and high energy leader and teammate.

So he can run too eh? He's humble to the media, and a leader in the locker room and on the field? He's a high character player, that's what he is, and he brings some versatility too. Sounds like a Sean Payton guy to me. I would absolutely take this guy. He brings a ton of value, especially as a mid-round pick, not to mention he will fill a need. The Saints need a backup QB that isn't only a "system" guy. They need one who can mix things up a bit if he has to start in a pinch, and I believe Skelton can be that guy. Sure, defense would be nice in this round and in every round, but you also have to give the offense some love. Not to mention, we need some stuff to speculate and talk about in a few years when the Saints will start looking for Drew's successor, because remember he is 30 years old, and he's in his prime, so he doesn't have much time left. So, the the opinions rain!

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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