Homegrown Saints...aka 'there's something in the water'

I've seen this done before, but I'm gonna try it a little different. Louisiana and the rest of the southern states have been known to produce great athletes of all types and all sports. Many legends of football and todays players were born and/or raised in Louisiana (ie. Terry Bradshaw , Peyton Manning , Marshall Faulk, on and so on...). And it got me thinkin', "How many southern or Louisiana players were on our Super Bowl Champion Saints?" So I started compiling numbers and etc. and come to find's quite staggering how right I really was. 


The following may offend some "yankees", but it is not meant to...just showing that there really is something in the water in the south. Although much argued what the "south" really is, I'm going to use these states just for this research: Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas*, and Tennessee*. (the last 2 did not contibute any players to the Saints Super Bowl team). I'm going to compare these 11 states to the 39 other states in the US. After that I will go on to the argument of why the athlete's from Louisiana are for some reason...just a little better than everyone else :-)

First off the south: here's a chart of what each state in 'the south' contributed to the SB team.

tx fl la sc ga nc va al ms
9 6 5 4 3 3 2 2 1

That's 35 players for 11 states. Meanwhile, all the other states (all 39 of them...more than 3.5 times the amount) looks as follows:

ca pa ny oh nj ok mi io az
8 4 3 3 2 2 2 2 2

in md wi ut ks il or ne all others
2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0

That's a total of 38 players from 39 states. Pretty big margine I'd say.

Now onto Louisiana...if you didn't know...Texas, California, New york has quite a bit bigger of a population than Louisiana. But as I'll show you that we produce(d) more Super Bowl 'quality' players (at least on the New Orleans Saints...which might be a little more biased towards LA players...but that's another story). The following chart is the state populations (as of July 2008) and the number under that is 1 player for ### people there are in that state. 

tx fl la sc ga nc va al ms
state pop 24,326,973 18,328,338 4,410,795 4,479,800 9,685,743 9,222,414 7,769,089 4,627,850 2,938,618
1 player for  2,702,997 3,054,723 882,159 1,119,950 3,228,581 3,074,138 3,884,545 2,313,925 2,938,618

ca pa ny oh nj ok mi iowa az
state pop 36,756,664 12,448,279 19,490,297 11,485,910 8,682,661 3,642,360 10,003,422 3,002,555 6,500,180
1 player for  4,594,583 3,112,070 6,496,766 3,828,637 4,341,331 1,821,180 5,001,711 1,501,278 3,250,090
     in     md      wi     ut       ks     il     or    ne   all others
state pop 6,376,792 5,633,597 5,627,967 2,736,424 2,802,134 12,901,563 3,790,060 1,783,432
1 player for   3,188,396 5,633,597 5,627,967 2,736,424 2,802,134 12,901,563   3,790,060 1,783,432

This show's that although Louisiana has one of the 'smaller' state populations, it's number one in player per population in the US. If it were as populated as Texas (24,326,97) ,in theory, we would have  about 27 players on the SB team from La. It's even more if we had Cali's amount of people (36,756,664) which would, again in theory, give us 41 football players from Louisiana winning a superbowl this year. That's 41 Tracy Porter's! 41 Devery Henderson's! 41 Randall Gay's! etc...etc...I think that is pretty amazing how many great players this great state produces. Can anyone tell I'm bored at work?



oh look..another Louisiana boy...oh's just Peyton... (just kidding...we still love Peyton!)

Bonus: I thought this link was funny..mainly the picture on the page.
They still have him wearing a saints shirt.

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