Reasons Why Drew Brees Is THE Best QB in the league right now.

The following article is not meant to de-fame any Quarterback in the National Football League, NOR is it to brag about our most recent WORLD CHAMPION SAINTS (!!!!). But what it is meant to do is give credit where credit is due.

After the Super Bowl, Drew was put into this "Elite QB" group of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning (which IMO all Saints fans knew he was already there). Right after the game, the first thing that reporters asked him was "Where does this put you in the elite status?" or "Are you the best QB in the league?". Andof course Drew is a humble champion would reply with such answers as "My teammates helped get me here..." andjust changing the subject kind of answers (which you can't blame the guy...who's going to say "yeah I am the best d*** QB in the league, and you can tell Peyton I said that" of course he wouldn't say that). What I'm here to do today is prove why Drew Brees is the BEST QB in the NFL and say what Drew wanted to say.

Before Peyton won a Super Bowl who were considered the ELITE QB's? Manning and Brady right? Yes...even though Manning hadn't yet won the big game he was still one of the few. Drew on the other hand was "not elite" yet not "good" he was in his own class. (I'm not sure if that part made sense to anyone but thats how it read out in my head) The chart below is one I've made that averages what I consider the top 4 QB's currently (Brees, Manning, Brady, and Rivers--I personally don't like River's but will give him his due respect) throughout the last 4 years (I let Brady slide on one year and put his last 4 FULL years):


Brees- Manning- Brady- Rivers-
YDS: 18298 YDS: 16939 YDS: 16843 YDS: 14803
TD’s:  122 TD’s:  122 TD’s:  128* TD’s: 105
INT: 57 INT: 51 INT: 47 INT: 44
PCT: 66.85 PCT: 66.5 PCT: 64.85 PCT: 63.1
C: 1572 C: 1463 C: 1422 C: 1190
QB rat: 97.85 QB rat: 98.475 QB rat: 98.4 QB rat: 96.075
Super Bowls: 1** Super Bowls: 1 Super Bowls: 0 Super Bowls: 0

*denotes having Randy Moss to throw to

*denotes most current SB victory (tiebreaker)


As you can see Drew owns 4 of the 7 "stats" I've compiled. Manning owns 1 (which is somewhat of a bogus stat). Brady owns 1 which as you can see he CHEATED (sarcasm). And finally River's owns 1.

This past years MVP race, pretty much came down to Drew andPeyton. Peyton won with one of the big reasons being "his RB's weren't all that great" (32ndto be exact). OK I can somewhat understand that...he had to take his offense under his wing. Back to the 2008 season, Brees passes for 5,069 yards and becomes only the 2nd quarterback in history to pass for over 5,000 yards in a season. His teams rushing rank? 28thin the league. I can understand that last year we finished 8-8 so that really hurt Drew's stock, but then that was the ONLY reason he really didn't win the MVP, not even a smidgeof anyone saying "oh he didn't have a great rushing group behind him so we have to take that into consideration". I'm just complaining...I'll move on...

It's hard to believe but Tom Brady and his Patriots have not one a Super Bowl in 5 years (since 2005! I just graduated high school). So his SB's according to my chart are zero. Also his 128 TD's, many of those came during his 50 TD season a couple years ago so that bumped his total for that up a bit (if you average the other 3 years not including the 50 TD year, that gives him about 26 TD's a year...if he wouldn't have got Moss we could assume he'd probably meet that avg. and that would give him 104 TD' him no top stats on the chart at all).

Philip Rivers, like I said I don't like (his attitude I guess). He doesn't throw INT's though, and he is and will be a great QB in the NFL. That's all I have to say about Rivers. (oh and without Rivers we wouldn't have DREW! so thats another good thing about Rivers I guess)

What I said here is what Drew really wanted to tell reporters (ok maybe IF he were to say it it wouldn't be like that...). We all know Drew is the best, and he has the stats, superbowls, leadership to prove it. Just because Manning gets behind the line and takes 20 seconds to call/setup a play doesn't make him a better QB than Drew. When all is said and done the New Orleans Saints are WORLD CHAMPIONS! and Drew Brees is the best Quarterback in the NFL.



This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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