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Second last one- my last will be posted 1 hour before the draft starts.


A couple of trades/retirements affect this latest one, so don't be surprised at Suh's new draft position.


1. St. Louis Rams-  Sam Bradford QB: Will certainly be #1.


2. Detroit Lions- Ndamukong Suh DT: Rob Sims is going to play guard, which means Jeff Backus stays at tackle. That drops the need for Russel Okung, so Suh is the choice here.


3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Gerald McCoy DT: Suh going #2 solidifies McCoy as their guy.


4. Washington Redskins- Trent Williams OT: I still say Williams is more athletic than Okung, and as such is better suited for the zone-blocking scheme.


5. Kansas City Chiefs- Russel Okung OT: The Chiefs are ecstatic that one of the top OT prospects lands in there lap.


6. Seattle Seahawks- C.J. Spiller RB: Anthony Davis is a reach here, so they stick with the explosive RB.


7. Cleveland Browns- Eric Berry S: The Browns get the best S prospect in the draft.


8. Oakland Raiders- Bruce Campbell OT: Davis is the better prospect, but Campbell is the prototype Al Davis player.


9. Buffalo Bills- Anthony Davis OT: The Bills need help everywhere, and Davis gives them a good OT to start with.


10. Jacksonville Jaguars- Derrick Morgan DE: Their first-round DE picks haven't been too good lately, but Morgan rectifies that.


11. Denver Broncos- Jason Pierre-Paul OLB/DE: The Broncos get a great pass-rusher here. Bryant is tempting, especially with Brandon Marshall gone, but they just got rid of Marshall because he was a problem. No way they go through that again with Bryant.

12. Miami Dolphins- Sergio Kindle OLB: Miami takes the best OLB in the draft.


13. San Fransisco 49ers- Jimmy Clausen QB: The more tape I watch, and people I talk too, the more I believe Clausen is going to San Fran. Even if Alex Smith has a good year, that just makes him trade bait for next year.


14. Seattle Seahawks- Brandon Graham DE: They probably trade back to get him, but if they don't he's gotta be picked here. They just lost Patrick Kerney so they really need a DE.


15. New York Giants- Rolando McClain LB: Fills in for departed Antonio Pierce


16. Tennessee Titans- Dez Bryant WR: No DE is good enough to be picked here, so why not grab a weapon for Vince Young? Adds another dimension to the Titans offense, making Chris Johnson even more dangerous.


17. San Fransisco 49ers- Mike Iupati OG: With Bryant gone, Iupati shores up the inside of their offensive line.


18. Pittsburgh Steelers- Dan Williams DT: Casey Hampton won't last much longer, so Williams comes in to back him up.


19. Atlanta Falcons- Sean Weatherspoon OLB: An unfortunate cause of the moves made this week, leaving Weatherspoon as the only good pass-rusher at this spot.


20. Houston Texans- Joe Haden CB: The best cornerback in the draft replaces Dunta Robinson.


21. Cincinnati Bengals- Earl Thomas S: One of the better defensive playmakers in the draft, makes a good defense even better.


22. New England Patriots- Jermaine Gresham TE: Ben Watson just left, and here's his replacement.


23. Green Bay Packers- Bryan Bulaga OT: The Packers need to fix an aging offensive line and Bulaga proves how deep the draft is at OT by still being here.


24. Philadelphia Eagles- Kyle WIlson CB: Sheldon Brown\s replacement drops to the Eagles and they snatch him up right away.


25. Baltimore Ravens- Carlos Dunlap DE: The Ravens improve on their front seven with Dunlap.


26. Arizona Cardinals- Taylor Mays S: The Cardinals get better on the back end with a LB with CB speed who plays S.


27. Dallas Cowboys- Demaryius Thomas WR: No more need to choose between Benn and Tate as Thomas is better than either of them.


28. San Diego Chargers- Terrence Cody NT: Jamal Williams' replacement.


29. New York Jets- Sean Lee LB: Rex Ryan gets a solid LB for his front seven.


30. Minnesota Vikings- Jared Odrick DT/DE: There defensive line gets a youth boost.


31. Indianapolis Colts- Charles Brown OT: He's the best OT here.


32. New Orleans Saints- Everson Griffen DE: This is a need/BPA pick for us.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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