On the brightside we debunked the draft thought process as we know it

Ok....I will start by saying I won't directly comment on the pick.  Afterall i've been on record as saying I had a nightmare that we would draft a cornerback.

Now on to the fun parody.  In one fell swoop we have debunked any and all draft thought processes known to mankind.  Up to this point the great draft world as we lowly mortals know it has been consumed by the great heated debate forever known as...Need versus Talent.  Also broken down as a selection of Need versus selecting the best player available.  While most people are either grumbling at a potentially poor pick, the others seem to be grumbling at the grumblers for not giving a kid a chance.  I...your humble satirist for this evening...choose a different route.  We've changed the world of the draft as we know it!!!  I mean come on, how cool is that.

Let us start by breaking apart the the Need versus Talent debate, I'll start with Need.  Need when it comes to the draft is an easy thing afterall.  After a full year of watching your team, it's players as well as dipping your footsies in the eternal spring of free agency, you get an idea of what holes may of may not occur within your team.  After comprising the list, you wait patiently on draft day, or make a move or two, in hopes of securing a person that you feel expressly addresses this need.  Let us look at an example shall we.  In 2009 the Houston Texans had a glaring need at outside linebacker.  They had some promising pass rush, a solid interior linebacker, and some decent cornerback play.  So the Houston Texans selected Brian Cushing...the defensive rookie of the year.  This is known as a home run; you manage to fill the need without reaching for a selection, getting great value and production in return.  However, there is a downside to the draft for need scenario.  This generally occurs when a team discovers a need that they become so desperate to fill it, they over reach for a prospect.  This usually winds up with the team not only poorly filling the need, but more than likely reaching on a potential bust.  *see any recent first round Raiders draft pick, Rolando McClain not currently included*.

I am proud to say that our beloved New Orleans Saints did not fall prey to this line of thinking.  While the Saints have only one true starting defensive end, no free safety, no outside linebackers and no run stuffing defensive tackle, they do have cornerbacks.  In fact the New Orleans Saints have 3 starting caliber cornerbacks in Greer, Porter, and Jenkins.  In addition they also have a nickel corner in waiting in Randall Gay and a good special teamer in Leigh Torrence.  So what do we do....we add a sixth!!! This is called playing to a position of strength...genius!  Instead of taking the position of need, PayLoo went the opposite route....coy little devils.

I know what we're thinking.  The minds behind the mayhem ditched the conventional pick of need and proceeded to go with it's powerful and compelling counterpart, the BPA....Best Player Available.  Let's us explore this gem of thought shall we.

The debate of the best player available is the second side to the draft coin.  It's premise is even more simple than its predecessor of the player of need.  If there is a person on your board that is rated over another...that's your pick.  How deliciously simple!  There is of course a tad bit more thought to the process, after all if you pick a center every pick because the person there is always the "best" then you're not going to get very far.  So the trick player...within reason.

So...obvious PayLoo picked the best player available.  Simple, it is after all the only other possible option in the world of the amazing draft thought process. Not so fast Grasshopper!!!  If you look at the player ranking profiles of several main sites....say, Scouts Inc, Mel Kiper, DraftNasty, Mike Mayock and Gil Brandt....we see that our lovely new Saint ranks roughly around....44.  Hey wait a minute....didn't our team just pick 32?  YES!  I know, i know...maybe all the people between 32 and 44 were all quarterbacks or placekickers.  NO!  Those 12 picks are splashed with a number of linebackers, defensive tackles, offensive tackles, name it.  So what does this mean...WE BROKE THE DRAFT!

I mean how amazingly cool is that.  We managed to draft neither for need....nor for a person within 10-15 spots of the best player available.  Wow.  Think about this people, this is a chance and opportunity to rejoice.  Just sit back and think about the future.  We can have people creating their draft boards based solely on how close their hair resembles that of Mel Kiper!  Think what people would save on the cost of helmets alone!  This is now a brave new world we live in people....embrace the fantasy!


--- Ok seriously this is obviously all satire and is supposed to be in good fun.  I hope you enjoy the little joke and if you're upset about the pick, well at least maybe i got a smile out of you with the Mel Kiper Hair Helmet comment.  Remember we're fans, and as much as we might like it, we're not privy to all the info or the mindset of the coaches and people in charge.  Disagree or not, I welcome Patrick Robinson to the New Orleans Saints, may you get many a pick six in your time in the black and gold.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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