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Seeing as we still have not addressed the need of DT or OLB, I thought I'd go ahead and put a couple guy's I think would be great for our team to draft up for discussion, if you have anyone go ahead and being em on up! It doesn't have to be just LB/DT either! (seeing as the Saints seem to think it's ok we can choose BPA as well)

1. Eric Norwood - OLB - South Carolina - 6'1" 252 lbs: Norwood ranked 2nd in the SEC last year in sacks, he's also the University of South Carolina's leader in tackles for a loss, and he owns the USC record for most sacks in a career.  According to

Strengths: Instincts, Closing Speed, Burst, Tackling, Intensity, Leadership

Weaknesses: Pass Defense, Straight-line Speed, Position, Athletic Ability





2. Arthur Jones- DT - Syracuse - 6'4" 291 lbs - A bull rush type DT who in college was double teamed alot, and may have tarnished his stats a lilltle. The more I read about this guy the more I like him. According to NFL draft bible, "Jones has linebacker-like skills in moving from sideline to sideline and chasing down ball carriers. " Which sounds quite amazing to me! a linebacker type player plaing DT?? Awesome! also from the same source, "Jones’ all-out hustle, enthusiasm, and leadership skills make him a solid individual on a personal level." which is exactly what we need on our team! If you haven't yet, look this guy up, I am unable to get on youtube now (at work) but youtube this guy and tell me what you think.

15 8 7 0
51 32 19 1
60 33 27 3
18 12 6 1

Got a video now:

DT Arthur Jones Highlights/Lowlights 2009 Syracuse (via ProDraftParty)




2. Jonathan Dwyer - RB - Georgia Tech - 6'0" 235 lbs - Dwyer has fallen farther than I thought he would and we might possibly have a chance to pick him up (and the way our draft is going we just might!). JD (do you mind if I call you JD?) is a power runner that we could use in place of Mike Bell. In college he was stuck in a triple option offense which was not his game. He's has great size and could give us a great 1,2,3 punch (4?) I don't even consider Reggie a running back anymore, but more of a Utility back that we can use anywhere. Pierre is a great all-around back who is under-rated by anyone that's not a Saints fan (not completely true but we'll stick with the underdog thing). and Lynell Hamilton showed some great short yardage play last year, including our first playoff TD this year. But I would love to add a guy like Dwyer to our already astounding offense.




Jonathan dwyer Highlights (via Gatech93)


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