I want to be the SECOND to grade this draft.

This draft, well it wasn't all what we expected, and I think we can all agree on that. I'm gonna try to go through all the picks and give them each a grade, and make sense of why they would choose that player.

 Rd. 1 - Pick 32 - Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State

The first pick was initially a shock (and frankly still it), but I guess they're taking the route of sending Malcolm Jenkins to the FS spot, leaving us with a nickelback spot to fil. We have now filled it. I'm guessing once Suh and McCoy came off the board at 2 and 3 respetively, we gave up on DT's for a while and when the Colts snatched Jerry Hughes from under us, there went all hope for drafting a LB. But Robinson is a great talent and will need a couple seasons to grow into a starting CB in this league.

Grade:  B <Good pick, but Robinson isn't the best CB out there and thought we could have used this pick for another need such as DT or an LB>



 Rd. 2 - Pick 64 - Charles Brown, OT, USC


Now it's becoming a trend with "Payton's Saints" to draft a USC player every other year in the 1st or 2nd round. Ok maybe it's not on purpose, but this was a solid pick, but not one we really needed. This, like the 1st pick gives us more depth and a route of trading one of our other OT's. or waiting for Jammal Brown to leave next year (if we don't re-sign him).  This guy is a potential beast though, a former TE, gained about 50 lbs and still learning the position is what I am hearing. I also keep hearing, from different sources, that CB is drawing comparisons to Maurice Williams.

Grade: A- <If this was a need, it would be an A+, but since we really had more pressing needs is bumps down a half point.>



 Rd. 3- Pick 95 - Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami


Another Miami TE on our roster now, and possibly one of our future stars. If he even starts blooming this year, that'll be one heck-of-a TE core (Shockey, Thomas, and Graham). He's very raw right now, but every reciever-type player seems to prosper in our system, so I don't see why he can't.

Grade: B- < Good pick again, but AGAIN not a need, so it gets bumped down >



***that picture is making me laugh every time I look at many funny things: What the H*** is #31 diving at? I am pretty sure #40 is either blind, dumb, and/or praising the lord while playing football. and Jimmy: USE YOUR HANDS! what are they like 10 inches?? don't use your body to catch the ball!***



 Rd. 4 - Pick 123 - Al Woods, DT, LSU

I like Al because my name's Al, but I wouldn't have traded up even for myself the way the Saints did, I think it was a dumb trade up and we still could have got him, or a just as good or better DT 10 or so picks later...But he is still a good prospect and hopefully he will succeed on our DL with Ellis.

Grade: C+ < We finally got a need, but went the wrong way about it, the low grade isn't because of Woods himself, but just the unnescessary trade up.



 Rd. 5 - Pick 158 - Matt Tennant, C, Boston College


A solid pick here, and a better use of our trading up abilities here (rather than giving 2 picks up we just gave one). Another pick for depth and future here. It seems to be what they wanted in this draft, I guess they're trying to to fix what's not broken right? Tennant won the award for Nation's Best Center last year, so we got something to look forward to even with a late pick like this in the draft.

Grade: B- < Still no LB here, but at least this made a little more sense than a few of our other picks >



 Rd. 7 - Pick 239 - Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State


Got Beaver? We do now! The last player we drafted from this school was Mike Haas, and he didn't make it too far, but Payton seems pretty high on this guy if he's going to being him in to be a potential back-up to Drew Brees. I thought we were going to wait until the undrafted FA period to grab a QB, but I guess they really wanted this guy.

Grade: C- < Not what we were expecting here and not a great prospect, but I'm not that hard of a grader and we did need a 3rd QB >



In all I've come to accept the draft as it is and for my overall grade I'm going to give our team a B- this year. A solid depth draft is what we ended up with, and I am hoping we pick up a LB in free agency.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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