Tweets from Who Dat Nation: 5.20.10


Make the jump for all the latest from Saints players on Twitter, organized for your reading pleasure. Includes the latest installment of our SNL-inspired 'Deep Thoughts' tweet series, starring Jeremy Shockey this week. 

Team Bonding

T_Porter22 Eating with the DBs...have to hit the Boom later on.

alexbrown96 Having lunch with the entire defense I would tell u all where but coach Williams may kick my butt (figure of speech) lol

Pierre_Thomas just chillin now wit my boy @lancemoore16 waiting on this lakeshow ....who ya'll got?

bobbymccray Welcome to the New Orleans SaintsClint Ingram.. great player our defense just got better...who dat.


Family Matters

iWillSmith I want to Wish my Grandmother a Happy Birthday :-)

MalcolmJenkins looking forward to my parents coming down here this weekend to spend some quality time!!! i know they could use a relaxing weekend

jgoody76 When you let your mom keep it real. This is what happens


Movies and TV

JeremyShockey   Robin Hood was good last night!!! Im read y to eat then work....

MalcolmJenkins watchin man vs food & he was @ OSU at the thurman cafe... i never knew about that place but im def gettin a thurman burger next time i go

jgoody76 RT@tamopher @jgoody76 How am I ever gonna get through not knowing what happened 2 Sylar and Samuel? Stupid stupid decision!>I feel your pain    

JeremyShockey Fox dropped from 'Transformers' sequel... WHY???

jgoody76 Heard last night NBC dropped heroes. I'm so hurt by this decision!

BillyMiller83 RT @jgoody76: Heard last night NBC dropped heroes. I'm so hurt by this decision!----what nooooooo

jgoody76 @BillyMiller83 yep bushrod told me


And now, 'Deep Thoughts' with Jeremy Shockey...

JeremyShockey "If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of." - Bruce Lee

For Promotional Use Only

JeremyShockey   Come to Mikes Den on Saturday between 2-4 pm 1892 North Causeway, Mandeville LA... This is the closest to New  Orleans I am signing autographs and it is gonna be a great time hope to see you guys out there last signing before we start mini camp and OTAs.

JeremyShockey A former Cane classmate is in the running for the Nike Field Reporter pls vote for Jessica!

JeremyShockey Pls Vote for Jessica a former Hurricane.. She need your vote for the Nike Field reporter.. Cast your vote.....

Pierre_Thomas @sharper42 @harp41 @bgsport world champs to the world cup! or call 877-288-1481

Harp41 RT: @BGSport Check out @Harp41 on SportsByline. On May13, click on the headphones and scroll to the 6min mark.


Car Talk

jgoody76 RT @CarlosPowell7 Jus was informed that a Range Rover Is a womans' car...I'm missed tht memo..> what's the reasoning behind that?

jgoody76 New paint job get ya ..................

jgoody76 @T_Porter22 what's the car wash guy phone #


Suns @ Lakers

MalcolmJenkins Not a big basketball fan but i'll watch this game i guess

jgoody76 Did Dudley just rip Kobe?

bobbymccray Good game Lamar Odom!!!!!!!   


The Rest

alexbrown96 Oh yeah!!! RT @ESPNChicago: Hawks lead series 2-0, get 7th straight road win

Pierre_Thomas RT @trusosa One foot in front of the other.. (MOVE FORWARD) <----- believe dat!

JeremyShockey Wow Tim Tebow get 160$ an autograph!! thats crazy.. lol

Harp41 RT @espitt @JeremyShockey Which Saints are heading down to South Africa for the World Cup? <- @Pierre_Thomas@Sharper42 and some more

JBrown5570 Whats goooood twitter

jgoody76 #blankstare RT @espn_nfcsouth Clayton not high on Saints' offseason -

iWillSmith @alexbrown96 Hope you like our new karate guy. I know how much you love the MMA.

alexbrown96 @iWillSmith hahaha u know I don't like that dude lol

PatRob21 Just woke up from a long nap

JeremyShockey Getting some rest!! big day Tomm!!! Gnight everyone*******

alexbrown96 Lol i agree totally hahahaRT @karimarbrown: Everyone has a bit of Gators im them if they drink Gatorade!! ;)    

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