Why Do People Act Like Peyton Manning Carries The COLTS

Why Do People Act Like Peyton Manning Carries The COLTS

He has a great defense to back him up in 07 they were ranked 3rd in 08 ranked 11th and they were top 10 until the  starters got pulled, i'm not saying peytons not great but people ignore the fact he has a great team and the jets  game does not count c'mon people they threw a rookie in with the number #1 defense and took Wayne ,Clark and  others out i mean what do you expect 300 yards and 5 td's, it's obvious those sportswriters did not watch the panthers game cause Brunnell sucks and it has happened twice in 3 years when cp3 was robbed and they gave it to the bigger name guy Kobe exactly why i believe Peyton did not deserve MVP this year .

For example Drew Brees's saints team defense were ranked 26 every year since 07 and had the 27th ranked  rushing offense 07 and 08 and kickers who could make nothing thats why they missed the playoffs, Drew Brees  never had the team to back him up and when he does he goes16-2 and wins a super bowl (Carolina game he did  not play) that just shows how the NFL makes exceptions for Mr.Manning because i dont think i heard any cases for  Drew Brees MVP when he had no defense and no running game in 08.

One more thing for people who said drew lost the MVP because he lost games and played more first Peyton  Manning played 14 games a two halves thats 15 games Brees also played 15 and when they lost to Dallas 5  starters were missing and the lost to Tampa was Sean Paytons fault when he kept running the ball Brees went   like 32 of 35 and the kicker missed and they lost in OT. 

Now they really should not even have an MVP because Mannings just gonna get its been two years in a row brees  has been voted player of the year by coaches and players they actually know something not retarded sportswriters. 

For brees to win MVP he'll have to have at least 60 td's, 5,000 yards and break his own record with a 80%  completion percentage.

Like all I'm saying is Manning has a good team the only reason their running game was ranked 32nd is because  they don't try hard enough and thats bull when they say the colts would be a .500 team without him, how #1  scoring defense and more commitment to a running game with a veteran qb in that weak division they win at least  10 games. Now when people try to take from Drew Brees accomplishments refresh me has Sean Payton ever     turned anybody else into an ALL-PRO, nope also Manning has had tom Moore as OC his entire career and just  because he's not some ego maniac he lets Peyton take all the credit and he does not call his own plays he  changes them or fakes it to confuse a defense and i don't think it worked too well when his only touchdown came  when Jabari went out.

And i know im not the only one who's tired of seeing his ugly face on my tv like why are they still promoting him drew should get some of those endorsements cause he's not ugly (no homo) I'm not hating I'm really just tired seeing him he's so boring and uninteresting also i met Colt fan I told him Drew Brees played with the worst LT in the game Jermon Bushrod and he said he would be a star with Peytons coaching, i swear some people are retarded how can a QB coach LT.

Also the Colts throw the ball within ten yards of the goal line more than anybody and a lot of his TD's came like that and the saints had 21 rushing td's when Sean Payton could have padded Brees's stats and it took Manning 30 more attempts to get 33td's thats like an extra game. Oh and why am I making this argument because only the greats get regular season MVP, nobody's and one hit wonders like Deion branch and Timmy smith can get that not anybody get's the real thing and idiot sportswriters like Skip Holtzman robbed him of it, that and a couple more good season could have solidified his place as a top 10 QB, just think a saint top 10.

BTW since the hurricane ive been stuck and indy and im sick of these idiots.

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