*breathes* Smells like Fantasy Football...

So, I am a fan of drafting early for fantasy football. Gives me something to do. Yeah people could get hurt but that happens no matter when you draft. Draft week 2 in preseason, guy gets hurt in week 3. I got a bigger window but I think my team is strong (then again I did draft it so of course I think that). I play on ESPN for the most part (one league on with some people from here. This is my team for a 10 team 25-man roster with IDPs (Individual defensive players). There is no PPR. I tend to pick Saints so you will notice some. Someone took Vilma though...that mother $##**. Team is after the jump.


QB - Drew Brees: I had the first overall pick in the draft and took Brees over Chris Johnson. With the scoring Brees was the third best player available behind CJ and Rodgers. I tooka lot of crap for this pick but I think Brees could end up either being #1 or at least #2. Besides...its Breesus.

RB - Pierre Thomas: PT Cruiser. Nuff said.

RB/WR - Ryan Grant: I think he will have a good year. Not much competition in Green Bay for RB.

RB/WR - Marques Colston: I know the Saints spread it out but I still love me some Colston.

RB/WR - DeSean Jackson: Even with Kolb at QB instead of McNabb I think DJax will have a great year.

WR - Derrick Mason: Yes he is a little old but I think the arrival of Anquan Boldin will help his numbers a lot.

TE - Visanthe Shiancoe: WHAT? A VIKING? Yes its a Viking. I think if Favre does come back (he will) Shiancoe could improve on his numbers from last season.

DP - Louis Delmas (S): One of the only worthwhile Lions defenders.

DP - Bradie James (LB): Really have no comments here. Just went with best available.

DP - Roman Harper (S): Harper is my favorite Saints so I had to grab him. He puts up good numbers too.

DP - Stewart Bradley (LB): He got hurt and missed all of last season but the year before that he had monster numbers. Hopefully he repeats.

DP - Earl Thomas (S): Some Rookie Love. I think this guy will be a bright spot in the Seahawks defense this season.

DP - Dhani Jones (LB): I am hoping he puts up some big numbers again like he did last season.

K - Garrett Hartley: Where else would I go for a kicker?

P - Thomas Morstead: Yes, we use Punters. So I took the Saints Punter.

BENCH - Darren Sproles: I know Ryan Mathews is there but he can`t do everything. I figure Sproles will be the Chargers version of Reggie Bush.

BENCH - Reggie Bush: Speak of the Devil, He has the ability to make big plays. Like him for this season with the abscence of Mike Bell.

BENCH - Michael Bush: Last I heard, Michael Bush was the starting RB for the Raiders. Why not give him a try?

BENCH - Jermaine Gresham: Got me the rookie TE for the Bengals. If Carson Palmer plays well, Gresham could have a nice season. If not, then....well...crap.

BENCH - Sean Weatherspoon (LB): Rookie LB for Atlanta. He is battling for a starting job but the word is he may win it. Or at least earn a lot of playing time.

BENCH - Early Doucet: Without Boldin, Someone needs to step up. Doucet may play the slot but I think he will put up decent numbers.

BENCH - Dwayne Bowe: Had a down season last year but I am hoping he bounces back since Chambers is there and now has a full season to distract attention at WR #2.

BENCH - Arrelious Benn: Going to be #1 or #2 for the Bucs. Hopefully Freeman improves to get him the ball.

BENCH -Geno Hayes (LB): I am hoping he puts up respectable numbers on a shady Buccanears defense.

BENCH -Chad Henne: Needed a backup QB so I went with Henne. Hopefully he will only be needed in week 10.

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