Accountability Index Status Report (formerly known as Grudge List)

I got tired of guys popping off (excuse me, "expressing their opinion, which is their right") and never having to reconcile their bravado with the truth.  Because I'm all about the truth.  So I started keeping track and here's where we stand today.  Might take some time to find resolution for some of these, but all I've got is time.  So here we go: (special thanks to Hans for his positive input)






Apr 29

Satch, Dan

Skeptical of rotoworld report that Jammal Brown will be traded in the offseason

Rotoworld is awesome

Traded June 19th

May 3


Objection to rotoworld opinion (Jenkins stays at corner) after Sharper's signing for 2010

Depends on Sharper making the team.  I agree that Jenkins moves to S as soon as Sharper is off the roster

May 4

Satch, Tisk

PJ Hill gets picked off the waiver wire and we have to have a party

Tisk loves PJ Hill and I think I'm jealous of Satch pursuing Jessica Simpson.  Or something.

May 6


Objection to Sharper's contract:  $2M if he makes 53 man roster, wk 1

I love Frenchie. 

Frenchie don't love Sharper.

May 14


Condemned Ricky Williams draft day trade, applauded Tebow draft day trade

‘nuff said

May 17


Believes Payton was addicted to Vicodin and Loomis aided cover-up

French-Canadian conspiracy theories are the least likely to be true

Apr 25, May 19


CP thinks Julius Jones will be a Saint, let alone be signed in the nfl, in 2010

To me, his career was over after that long run against the Saints in 2006

May 19

Dan, jray

Carolina Panthers are not in steep decline in 2010

Lame duck coach:  Running game won't help that

May 22

Idiot Wiking fans

Favre leads team to SB 45 win starting with a win over the Saints on Sep 9

Something about wearing Favre's jersey for 3 months if the Saints lose.  Not too worried about it.

May 24


CP thinks AP1 (former Bear Adrian Peterson) is as good as Mike Bell

I doubt that AP1 is on an NFL roster in 2010, let alone on the Saints'

May 23

Detillier, Dang Hu Dat, LSUfan

Harry Coleman makes the team

Who in the hell is Harry Coleman?


June 3


Sharper won't start in game 1

Sharper's not too old to prove a point

June 11


CP thinks PT and Reggie both gone in 2011

Outrageous at first, now looking prophetic

June 16

Hans, Dan, Satch

Not too worried about losing Bell:

Split Bell's carries between PT, PhotoOp, PJ Hill?  Child please

June 16, 18

jeff, FriarBob

Chargers win the AFC west in 2010

It's 2010.  And what about Tebow?  Hmmm?

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