Top 15 Starting QB rankings for next season

So lately I've been thinking about QBs and where they rank compared to others. So I decided to post my thoughts with the rest of you. I've ranked 15 QBs not based on their career but on the expectations for this year

1. Drew Brees: Surprised? Then you work for the MSM and stumbled across this article by mistake, go back to reading your Florio posts, its ok I won't tell. Seriously though, Brees was phenomenal last year racking up 4388 yards in 15 games with 34 TD's and only 11 INT. But what makes these stats so amazing is the fact that he also completed 70.6% of his passes setting an NFL record. Expectations going into this next season are high for him and I say he reaches it because I want him to, really bad.


2. Peyton Manning: I know everyone has heard this ad nauseum, but he's accurate, can pick apart a defense and can throw a ball that makes you wonder how in the hell did he do that. Safe to say, he will do that again this season and will lead the Colts to another division title and will probably get deep into the playoffs if not the Superbowl. His expectations are high, and he may have a small chip on his shoulder after getting so close to his 2nd ring and losing it in the last 3:23.

3. Tom Brady: Had a bad season compared to previous years. Now how does throwing 4398 yards, 28 TDs, and 13 INT make a bad year? Well, that just shows you how good of a QB he was before his injury. The Sane bet is that he comes back next year with a vengeance and has a career year. Since I'm not sane however, I think he will have a good year for an average QB but will slip a bit more.Still will break 4000 yards, but a few more INT after trying to force more throws. Expectations for him are through the roof but I think he will come up short.

4. Aaron Rodgers: 4434 yards, 64.7 % completion percentage, 30 TD, and 7 INT with 50 sacks. Those are great numbers (minus the sacks of course) for any QB but for one without an offensive line, those numbers are unbelievable. The Packers improved their offensive line this past off season, which means that Rodgers should improve with more completions, but if 7 INT occur with no O-Line, this number should stay around that number +/- 3. His Expectations are also through the roof, but with better reason, young, coming off a great season even though hes been thrown more times into the ground than Favre at the NFC championship game.

5. Brett Favre: You may be talking to your computer saying "jon08ban, why would you put Brett Favre on this list, when there's no guarantee he will be back next season" Well umm because hes coming back. Bank on that. Had one of, if not his best season last year. This year he will be 40 years old, play a much tougher schedule, and more teams will know how to beat Favre, by watching the NFCCG last year. I think he will come back but he will have an average to subpar season. Still put up numbers that other QBs will be jealous of, but not the most spectacular season hes had. Expectations for him are high but usually QBs don't have career years every year.

6. Matt Schaub: Had his best year last year... by playing all 16 games. And look what he did! Passed for 4770 yards the 6th most ever in the NFL. Had trouble in the Red Zone last year, but that's more of a fault to put on the Texans instead of on Schaub. The Texans have a Top 3 WR in Andre Johnson that is an automatic 1200 yards for Schaub. The Texans will be better next year and may even take a peek at the playoffs and partake in a round or two. Schaub might have different numbers next year, for example less yardage but more TD's and less INT, but I think after next year his name may be said alot more in the MSM...if they can pronounce it correctly.

7. Philip Rivers: I know he is usually put in the Top 5, but frankly I would rather any of the above QBs before Rivers, so why should I rank him that high? Now that's not to say he isn't a great QB, put up good numbers last year with 4254 yards passing, 28 TDs and 9 INT. He should have another season thats great and will be able to lead the Chargers to another division title (as if its hard). But will fall short in the playoffs thanks to someone who is actively preventing them from going forward in the playoffs, I will give you one guess as to who.Here's a hint (Norv Turner). Anyway back to Rivers, expectations are semi high, which I think he will make having another 4000 yard season with low INT rate but still be in the middle to high echelon of QBs at the end of the season, same place he started the season at.

8. Ben Roethlisberger: Putting my personal feelings for the man aside, He has had good years this past decade and would most likely have another one this year if it wasn't for the suspension. Thanks to a 4-6 game suspension his numbers will be a lot lower than usual. Probably around 3000 yards and may break 20 TDs with single digit INT if there is a 6 game suspension. What gets him so high on the list is that the Steelers are in the same situation the Vikings are in if Favre didn't return this year. The Steelers will need him back to have a threat back at the QB position. When he starts playing when the suspension is over, I would stay away from bars if I were a 20 something female.

9. Donovan McNabb: The move to Washington is good for him. Most in Philly have been putting all the blame on him,fairly or unfairly. So hopefully the move will help him with the fan base if nothing else, which is good because there is nothing else awaiting him in Washington except for a huge DT who is unhappy with 100 boatloads of money. He had a good season last year throwing for 3553 yards with 22 TDs and 10 INT. His problem was his 60.3% completion rate, if he can get this up to the mid 60 range, the Redskins will be in the playoffs. Expectations for him are pretty high, thanks to him the Redskins have jumped into playoff contenders just with this one move. If the O-line can hold up for him better than it did for Campbell then he should have a good year.

10.Joe Flacco: Not the greatest year for a QB, throwing for 3613 yards with 21 TDs and 12 INT. It's good, not great. But this coming year he now has a great weapon in Anquan Boldin to throw to and an offensive line that will improve. This next season should be his breakout year for QB to get into the mid to high echelon QBs, not the elites mind you but the next tier.His name should get a few more mentions next year as he should improve to a 3900+ season with close to 25 TDs. Expectations are high and I think he delivers.

11. Matt Ryan: Past few days there have been some arguments here on where Ryan ranks as a QB, Ive now picked a side. Ryan did not have a good season last year, and missed two games to injury. He passed for 2916 yards and 22 TDs and 14 INT. His last year ranking would be in the high teens. This next year he should have a breakout year. It's not that hes due, its the fact that hes maturing as a QB which I think will help lead the Falcons to a 10-6 record, also leaning on Micheal Turner for help though. If he can do better on the no huddle offense as the Falcons want him to do, then he should lead the Falcons to a good season. Although what happens in the playoffs is any guess. The expectations for him are through the roof, I think he may not reach the roof but will get to the 5th floor at least.

12. Eli Manning: Eli is hard to place on a scale of 1-10, can be good streaky and bad streaky in the same game. Can throw like his brother then will turn into a skinnier version of Jamarcus Russel. Threw for his best season ever with 4021 yards and 27 TDs with 14 INT. Which are great numbers, but again work in streaks. I don't see NY making the playoffs this year (although I also said there's now way they beat the Patriots in 08) but they may get a winning record depending on their division record. He should have the same season as this one, great but will stay in the middle echelon of QBs and may surprise a few people but I doubt it. Expectations are "eh" on him.

13. Tony Romo: Personal Disclaimer: I hate Romo with the intensity of a billion and 4 suns, my hatred for him could write poems that would fill this blog with a whole bunch of crap but I digress, just wanted to make sure that is known beforehand. Romo had a career year throwing 4483 yards with 26 TDs and 9 INT. He also managed to not screw up a playoff victory this year but they did play the eagles who had an end of the season collapse and then fell flat on their faces in front of the world when they played the vikings. Now the Media says the Cowboys are going to be led by Romo to the greatest victory ever to go to the Superbowl in Dallas to finally claim the title that has alluded them for Oh so long. I, however am not the media, Romo will drop a bit next year to about 4000 passing yards with maybe a few more TDs but more INTs too. They probably will get to the playoffs, but it would simply be because the rest of their division has dropped a bit this year.

14. Jason Campbell: Just like with Mcnabb I think the change in scenery will do him good, I think hes a good QB, running for your life while trying to throw the ball is not the best way to get into the upper echelons and that won't change much in Oakland, but a change of place seems to work on some players. I think he will produce a 3900 yard season at least with a possible 4000 yard season in his future if Oakland's receivers have a great year. Oakland may get out of the gutter this year and have their sights on a....wait for it....500 season! That's right Oakland may get close to an 8-8 season, its amazing how changing your QB from a DT to an actual QB will do for a team's prospects. I got him pegged as someone who may change Oakland's future.

15. Tim Tebow: Yes Thats right the man who was appointed by Jesus1000k he will enter the Top 15 rankings and be on his way to a hall of fame career...HAHAHA yeah sorry about that. First fanpost requires a dig at Tebow, if your heads are still intact, read on for the real number 14.

The real 15. Vince Young: VY isn't the greatest QB and is lucky that his team has one of the greatest RBs in the game. However, look at the Titans pre-VY and after and you will see just how good he can be. He's probably one of the best running QBs and his passing is enough to get him some yardage but not a big threat. However, ask the Texans about that dual threat of running and the ability to pass. He has burned the team that burned him in the draft a few years ago many times on plays where he looked to pass then broke out for a run to get the first. He can have a good year and this will probably be the difference between playoffs and another season for the Titans.


Well that was it, first fan post I've written and I tried to be as unbiased as I could in my rankings and I hope they are mostly accurate. I may try to do one for RBs in the future as well.

Update: Tebow on the list was a joke at his expense, I did not mean it at all. Just wanted to clarify.

Update: Big Ben got lost in cyberspace, had to go back and add him because of that everyone dropped down a spot.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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