Mini Camp over, now we know how the season will wind up!

Yeah, right. But the boredom has set in. I watched the fearless predictions on game outcomes on a weekly basis last year, without joining in on the fun. Call me timid, scared, yellow...whatever.

So this year I'll jump way out ahead of the crowd and make a fool of myself by predicting the whole dad gummed season!

Minnesota: I chalk this one up in the "L" column. Yes, I'm afraid our boys won't be ready yet, and the hated Purple gang will come in and take a 10-11 point win. (PLEASE let me be wrong on this one!!)


@San Fransisco: The Saints right the ship and even their record with their first road win of the season. This one turns out to be a fairly easy win with Drew passing for 300+ yards.

Atlanta: The Dirty Birds come in and give us the usual close contest, with a defensive touchdown in the final quarter being the difference for the Saints.

Carolina: The Saints extend the streak of home wins over Carolina to two games. New QB Matt Moore struggles against Greg Williams' defense.

@Arizona: The defense makes quick work of another struggling QB, Matt Leinart in another playoff rematch. Look for Drew to set passing records in this game.

@Tampa Bay: Tampa is continuing to rebuild, and the Saints are looking to sweep them this year to make up for the loss last year at the Dome. Another easy win for the Black & Gold.

Cleveland: Fujita is given a warm reception by the crowd, and a rude reception by the offense. Eighteen point Saints win.

Pittsburgh: Steelers still a mess from the Big Ben's suspension. Too much drama on the team because one of their other QB's steps up and makes a good showing during his absence (I say Dennis Dixon), while Ben is rusty after his return. Saints eke out a win in a defensive showdown.

@Carolina: Matt Moore improves, fending off the calls for Clausen, but it is not enough as the Saints win again.

Seattle:  The Saints do the unthinkable and look ahead to the Turkey Day game against the Cowboys and lose a close one in the Dome.

@Dallas: The rematch. The one the Saints had circled on the schedule since it was released. Grudge match. The line protects Drew better this time, and we squeak one out in overtime, giving a national audience all it wanted and then some. The NFL drools over the ratings for this game, and vows to make it a yearly game.

@Cincinnati: Ocho Cinco or not, the Saints win again on the road.

Baltimore: Baltimore's defense puts the clamps on the Saints high powered offense and wins easily in the Dome.

@Atlanta: Atlanta gives us a two game losing streak in a game where the O-line struggles to keep Drew off his back.

Tampa Bay: We complete the sweep of Tampa Bay to avenge last year's loss at home. Hartley kicks the game winner as time expires.

Overall record: 12-4.

So fire away: whaddya think? I mean, now that mini-camp is over and we know EVERYTHING about the team this season...

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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