Top 15 Starting WR rankings for Next Season

Welcome, if you have read my previous two posts then bravo, you are the only people to stand listen to me... err type for that long. Just like with the RBs this will be from a fantasy point of view, of who is most likely to get the most yards next season based on their talent or the system or both. This list will include both WR 1 and 2 So ready for the rankings?

1. Andre Johnson: Andre Johnson is a beast. Andre just came off a career year in terms of receiving average. Now in terms of TD receptions, Johnson does not get that many, but thats only one stat, in his 102 games since 03 Johnson has an average of 77.92 yards a game, while Jerry Rice had 79.77 yards per game. And of course everytime Johnson is out on the field the defense must account for him at all times, if not they will be burned...bad. Even if he is accounted for... they will still be burned. Its a very safe bet that he will be great next year. I can see 1450 yards Rec, 12TDs with over 100 Receptions. Oh and I'd would like for all Saints fans to imagine having him as a target for Brees...

2. Wes Welker: If Johnson was a beast, then Welker is the explosive creature. He can run routes, and may not be the fastest guy on the field but can find any hole and break it, which is why he is also on the return teams. Now his placing on this list is dependent on his injury, which I think will be better, or at the least, he will play through it by the first game. I see him having a good year just as last year, and will have a 1250 yard receiving, 14 TDs and 110 receptions.

3. Reggie Wayne: Wayne is a good WR. Now I do believe he looks better thanks to Peyton Manning and his system. But, in my rankings no distinction will be made, just who I think will get so many yards. However, he is very dependable, not missing a game since 2002. Although there is a possibility of him missing a game or two if the legal problems develop. Another 1200 yard season with double digit TDs and 100 Receptions and 3 mistresses will come out (somebody has to try and break Tiger's record).

4. Larry Fitzgerald: Fitzgerald is a great WR who has produced some great numbers and is so far the only player not to succumb to the Madden the first season. His numbers did decline, but that was more likely due to the fact of Boldin playing almost the entire season compared to previous seasons. Now without Boldin, and Kurt Warner, his numbers are likely to increase as he becomes the WR to throw to for Leinart. He should do pretty good this year, but he will have to watch other teams go to the playoffs this year. He should have a 1200 yard season with 8 TDs and 95 Receptions.

5. Desean Jackson: In terms of talent, I think  hes rated lower then this, however an average of 18.6 yards with only 62 receptions, puts him higher on this list. And on a team with a QB who is unproven as a starter with no other real threat at WR, should produce some numbers next season. 1200 yards with 8 TDs and 80 receptions.

6. Greg Jennings: Jennings produced great numbers last year and the Packers are only looking to improve this year. He will be one of the many to benefit. As Rodger's will throw the ball, look for his numbers to pick up. A 1200 yard season (Am I the only one getting a deja vu feeling?) with about 8 TDs (there it is again) and around 75 receptions (ok it fizzed out).

7. Sidney Rice: The favorite target for Favre last season. Since Favre is coming back (SHOCKER!!!) the old man will probably not like to change it up too much and keep it going, however, Rice is talented and will help him out. I can easily see a 1150-1200 yard season as more teams cover Rice, which will leave guys like Harvin and Shiancoe open. Also can see about 6-7 TDs and about 90 Receptions.

8. Anquan Boldin: Boldin left the Cardinals for the Ravens in the offseason. He left a team with great WR for a bunch of young unproven talent and the old guy in the corner who still thinks he can play. Which means Boldin is now the go to guy for the Raven's offense which is looking to be great this year.  Boldin can easily break 1000 and 1100 is not out of the picture, but 1200 might be. 7 TDs with 100 receptions as the Ravens shift the workload to Boldin and off of Mason.

9. Miles Austin: The only Cowboy upset about Dez Bryant being drafted. Now with Bryant on the team, theres now two possibilities for opposing defenses. A) Cover the new and shiny toy more, or B) cover the veteran that has proven he can catch, and force the rookie to prove hes worth it. Now I'm predicting B will happen and his numbers may tank a bit, but as the season goes by and Bryant proves that Yes is he is the real deal. He will get back in it and produce some numbers but will mostly only get the TDs as he will get over 1000 yards but 12 TDs with 70 Receptions.

10. Roddy White: Now the Falcons suck. But in all seriousness....The Falcons still suck. But really White is a great WR on a team without many receiving threats in the WR position and will be great next season as he goes for a 1200 yard season but only get about 7 TDs and 80 receptions. As a bonus prediction he will get less than 100 yards and no TDs with 8 receptions against the Saints.

11. Randy Moss: Moss is a future HOF, 33 years old and a patriot, New England Patriot that is. He has produced amazing numbers in his career except for his short stint in Oakland (I wonder if he did purple drank as well??). However he's not as young as he used to be, and I think this is gonna be his first year of his decline. Now the decline won't be big but he won't be as explosive as he used to be, as sharp on those turns, etc..But he should have a great season still, and get 1100 yards and 10 TDs with about 70 receptions. As a bonus Moss says something about the team after a tough loss and irk Belichick for the rest of their careers.

12. Marques Colston: Colston is a great receiver and can make some great numbers, unfortunately for him he is in the Saints system of "Everybody gets a turn" and so his numbers suffer when if he was in a different system I think he could produce much higher numbers per season. But alas, hes stuck on the Saints(thank God) pending any contract issues. Colston should get some nice numbers with a 1000 yard season 12 TDs and 75 receptions.

13. Hines Ward: Ward is a great WR who is probably down to his last great season, but there is some good news for him. He is arguably the only good WR on the Steelers. Now the Steelers do have Wallace, but I don't think he will compare to Holmes. This will be Ward's year as WR instead of Holmes, and I think he will do a good job of 1100 yards 7 TDs and 80 receptions.


14. Steve Smith: Now Smith had what many would call his breakout year last year going for over 1200 yards last season. And I believe he will do just as great this year. But his TDs will decline. I think he will get 1200 yards and only 4 TDs and will get 100 receptions, as well he will break his arm playing...flag football. (facepalm)

15. Calvin Johnson: To be consistent, I said Stafford will improve as a QB this year. Now saying that, in order for a QB to improve his receivers will have to be there to catch what he throws. (unless the QB can throw the ball then run and catch it (which may be what JaMarcus Russell Was trying to do when he was on purple drank)). Johnson will improve his numbers a bit but he is on the Lions and so will still not have a great season but I can see him getting 1100 yards with 6 TDs and 65 receptions.

Honorary Mentions:

Dez Bryant,Donald Driver, Vincent Jackson,Santonio Holmes, Chad "Look at me, I'm a Diva" Ochocinco

Bryant is a rookie and as I have mentioned before I don't like to rank rookies before they have even played a down, but his success is linked to Dallas' success. Driver will do good and would probably be ranked 16th but since there isn't a 16th he just gets the little ribbon that says honorary mention. Jackson just got suspended for three games so his production will be hurt this year as well. Holmes would make some numbers in NY but he does have a few games hes gotta sit out, so that took him off the list and on the HM. 85 is good and is one of the only receiving threats on the team, but his numbers are starting to take a tumble. He didn't come off that injury too well and I think its affected him and at 32 he has no where to go but down.


Well there you have it, the WR rankings from 1-15. I thank you for reading my humble opinions and ask you to come back next week for some good Tight Ends (thats what she said).

EDIT: As was pointed out to me, I ranked Jackson high because he will be the only WR on the Eagles, then ranked Fitzgerald low for the same reason. I was wrong, and moved Fitz from 13 to 4. Thus everyone from 4-12 dropped a rank.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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