2010 New Orleans Saints Training Camp: Day One Notes

METAIRIE LA - JULY 30: Patrick Robinson #34 of the New Orleans Saints during the first day of Training Camp on July 30 2010 in Metairie Louisiana. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

So Dave is officially gone now, which means I'm officially taking over CSC. Mwahahahaha. Let's take this opportunity to turn CSC into a blog that talks about things that really matter. I'm thinking graphing calculators, live action role playing, pacman video games and Pokemon. I mean, who cares that the NFL season is officially here? It's not like we've been dying for months for this all to get started again. Make the jump for dorky talk galore about all things not Saints related.

Ok, you made the jump. Congrats for seeing through my poor attempt at humor. Good for you. Or shame on you, if you actually thought I was serious. Here's a few thoughts, bullet style, about how the first day of practices went. Keep in mind I'm getting most of my information from Jeff Duncan and Fletcher Mackel's twitter pages, sadly, and reports from a few friends in attendance during the morning practice. 

-- Sounds like Lance Moore and Jimmy Graham stood out today as studs. That's nice to see, especially from the rookie tight end. Lance is on a one year deal and eager to prove his worth after major struggles last year. Good to see him getting off to a fast start.

-- Patrick Ramsey was put in with the 2's on day one. Interesting. Sounds like the guy showed up in terrific shape and struggled mightily. Quite the dichotomy, don't you think? Remember this is his first day out there with his new teammates learning the playbook. His head is swimming right now, it doesn't mean anything. Don't jump to conclusions.

-- If you're worried about Marques Colston, Darren Sharper and/or Robert Meachem, just stop. Their roster spots are locked up and the fact that they are not practicing yet will have zero bearing on week 1. If you're a Clint Ingram fan, though, I would be worried. The dude needs to get out there asap and show his stuff.

--Speaking of injuries, DeMario Pressley had back spasms. Remember he missed his rookie year, spending all of it on IR. He looked promising last year, but he'll need to show the Saints something in preseason to ensure a roster spot. Remember how that balky back treated Bobby McCray's performance last year. Something to keep an eye on.

-- Patrick Robinson was a little late for the morning session, but he showed up before practice ended. How much grief do you think he's been getting in the last 12 hours?

-- Troy Evans was splitting time with Jo-Lonn Dunbar at starting linebacker. If Evans ends up being our Scott Fujita replacement, even part time, God help us.

-- Fans came out in droves, and Sean Payton invited his boy John Gruden to check out the practice. I'm a big fan of that, actually, because Gruden won a Super Bowl and he probably had a good speech lined up for them about what it takes to come back the following year.

That's about all I got. So how are you feeling about the first day of... ahem, dungeons and dragons?

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