Top 15 Starting TE rankings for next season

Well I'm incredibly late on this post (wanted to have this out by mid-July, CURSE YOU ACCOUNTING CLASS) so I had alot more time to prepare for this one so no excuses on my part. And this will be my final fantasy post as I am not going to evaluate defenses and the best thing for kickers is to go for a team that has a good offense but trouble in the redzone. So I have below the top 15 tight ends, they will be from a fantasy point of view involving yardage, TDS, and receptions. I know tight ends are not everyone's favorite pick, but the right TE can be the difference between playoffs and your nose up against the window crying about how that WR caught the ball in bounds. Make the jump to find out if I'm a genius or if I should be run out of town and forced to root for the Bucs.

1. Antonio Gates: Why is he # 1? Because every other TE I have a question about as to whether or not they can rack up yardage and receptions and TDs. Gates however, has a history of doing great at putting up numbers, and playing without many injuries. Although he does have a "sore foot" I have read that he should be fine by the time the season starts. If he is fine, 85 receptions with 1050 yards and 10 TDs can happen.

2. Dallas Clark: Why was he not #1? Simple. Last season was his first season to ever play a full season. So the chance of him not having an injury this season is small. If he is healthy for all 16 games, he will be #1. But the injury issue drops him down imo. 1050 yards with 95 receptions and 8 TDs is possible.

3. Jermicheal Finley: The definition of Boom-bust. Aaron Rodgers is projected to have a great season, as such his receivers will benefit. However, Finley has not played a full season and at 23 is young, and considering he only played in 13 games and started 10, 676 yards with 5 TDs and 55 receptions is very good for his sophomore season. If he plays in all 16 games, be sure that he will have over 1000 yards with 85 receptions and 9 TDs.

4. Brent Celek: Passing game will likely take a dive, but most QBs can find their TEs pretty easily (unless like Jamarcus Russell you are a TE) and he should be pretty good this year, hasn't started 16 games yet, but has played in 16 games for three years out of three years. Has more stability then other TEs and so I think he can break 1000 yards although 80 receptions with 9 TDs.

5. Vernon Davis: To start, has great talent, but after starting 32 straight games he has over 1300 yards, with 965 coming from last season. Hopefully he can keep his numbers climbing another year, but in San Fran's system of everyone gets a touch, it's hard to say he will come up with monster numbers. But he can easily come up with great numbers, and thats what I think he will come up with. He will hover around 1000 yards with 70 receptions and 10 TDs.

6. Tony Gonzalez: Now, 34 years old, and his best season was 6 years ago. I want to put him in the dust bin for has-beens, but I have a feeling if Matt Ryan performs well (and isn't out most of the season) he will do alot better and we will probably see him do well, especially in the redzone. I figure he will get 80 receptions and 900 yards with 8 TDs. And this will be his last great season before he starts seriously declining.

7. Kellen Winslow: Take a look at the Buc's roster, out of all the receivers, who looks to be good? Exactly. Winslow will benefit from being the only guy worth throwing to, and as such should get great numbers. Not Spectacular numbers, but good ones. He should have close to 1000 yards and 85 receptions but only 5 TDs.

8. Owen Daniels: Had a knee injury and went out with only half the season under his belt. And still had over 500 yards and 5 TDs with 40 receptions. He was the 2nd go to guy for the Texans and was good. He is expected to come back on day 1, and he will be a boom-bust candidate. If he comes back healthy, prepare for some good numbers, if he doesn't you will be deeply upset. His receptions will drop if he does come back as the Texans have more of a receiving corps now, and 60 receptions with 9 TDs and 950 yards can be a good possibility.

9. Zach Miller: I know he is from the Raiders but hear me out, he got 800 yards and 66 receptions with Jamarcus Russell and Bruce Gradkowski. To me thats amazing, with Campbell I can see him doing better than that. I can see him getting good reception numbers 75-80 with 1000 yards as Campbell will have to go to a good receiver and he is one. Although TD numbers will probably be low, because the Raiders will probably get bogged down in the redzone alot.

10. Jason Witten: Witten had amazing yardage and receptions but had trouble getting into the endzone. With another target for Romo in Dez Bryant. Witten, just like with Austin Miles, will get more touches and will probably be more utilized in the redzone and being a third down receiver. 80 receptions is about right for him, with 5 TDs and 800 yards.

11. Chris Cooley: Cooley's numbers have not been astronomical, but they have been dependable. And with someone on the offensive line worth anything in Trent Williams and Jammal Brown, the Redskins won't have to have Cooley back to block for their QB's life, and he can try and get out into the open more, and with that more numbers should occur. 75 Receptions with 800 yards and 6 TDs will probably be likely.

12. Visanthe Shiancoe: With Favre coming back (I still hold out this belief until he says he retires and then says he never said that about 20 more times, then I will believe him) Shiancoe can get some numbers this season just like last season, in fact his name seems to be the name I remember most from the NFCCG, as he was always open. Now his worth is not shown in receptions or yards, but in TDs. I can see this carrying over, as Favre will use his receivers to go down the field then when in the redzone he will throw across his body to the nearest DB for the INT he will throw to a TE to get the TD. And I can see 60 receptions and around 500 yards but 12 TDs.

13. Heath Miller: A possible sleeper, as Miller is expected to get an increased role in the passing game and coupled with the fact that a backup QB will be playing for 4-6 games he can get alot of receptions from the QB. He will probably be more of a receiving TE then a guy used to catch TD passes, and as such I can see him getting 900 yards and 75 receptions with only 4 TDs.

14. John Carlson: Seattle has a bit of a receiving problem. With only one good receiver and an average QB this is probably good news for a TE and Carlson should benefit, has played two seasons and has some experience and has performed well in both, he may be a bit risky, but with the right kind of luck he can tip a round or two in your favor. He will most likely be a possession receiver and used occasionally around the redzone, and will probably see 60 receptions and 700 yards and 6 TDs.

15. Jeremy Shockey: To be honest, wanted to put Shockey in the Honorary Mentions for one thing, his injury issues. However, the rest of the TEs are either going to be more utilized blocking, won't have good passing attacks, injury issues as well without the numbers Shockey can put up. If Shockey can stay healthy (pauses and laughs at the thought) then 800 yards is not too far fetched and 5 TDs as he may be more utilized in the redzone this season. With 60 receptions to top it off.

Honorary Mentions:

Jermaine Gresham, Rob Gronkowski, Greg Olsen

Two rookies, as I have said before, I wont rank rookies. Olsen, however from what I have read will be more utilized as a blocker and will not be used as a receiving TE as much this season, and this will drag his numbers down.

So How did I do on the last post for a fantasy position? Tell me if I did good or if I need to take the 3:15 to Tampa Bay.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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