Fleur-de-Links Part II (August 14, 2010): New Orleans Saints Re-Sign LSU Standout Harry Coleman

This afternoon's edition includes big news in the Harry Coleman story, a shuffle in the Saints starting linebacker crew, more thoughts on Thursday night's throwdown with the Pats, practice reports from Saturday morning's light workout, a cooking lesson with Zach Strief, and some Dave Dixon trivia.  

I'll be back with Part III later on tonight when news appears about the afternoon practice.

Follow the jump to see what's what, and comment to your heart's content afterwards...

(Updated Saturday evening-  6:02 pm - with some extra links from this morning!)

Injuries, Injuries

Saints Waive Injured RB Lynell Hamilton; Sign LB Harry Coleman
Oh my, the Accountability Index will feel the ripples of this in a major way. And to Lynell, "Buh-Bye." neworleanssaints.com

New Orleans Saints have several players out of practice Saturday morning | NOLA.com
Coaches said that it wasn't unusual for guys to miss time after a game. "Nothing to see here, folks, move along!"  

Hamilton’s injury sad to see | HoumaToday.com
The Saints suffered their first major injury of the 2010 season on Wednesday when backup running back Lynell Hamilton went down during a practice with the Patriots.

Camp 2Dat: Injury list larger Saturday morning for Saints

New Orleans Saints make no roster moves as yet regarding punter and running back | NOLA.com
Morstead's MRI proved to be negative- WHEW!


Movin' On from Game 1

New Orleans Saints don't overreact to preseason struggles | NOLA.com
Workload is light as they recover from Thursday night's game.

Loss may be good for Saints | HoumaToday.com
Life has been anything but normal for the New Orleans Saints.

Practice Observations: Saints go light in morning session | wwltv.com | Eye on Black and Gold
The Saints were back at practice Saturday morning for the first time since losing to New England Thursday night in the preseason opener - from the Hamburglar (I don't know why I love calling him that, but I just do).

New Orleans Saints promote linebacker Jonathan Casillas to starting lineup; move Scott Shanle to strong side | NOLA.com
Casillas made 10 tackles in preseason opener vs. New England Patriots.

New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said he doesn't 'trust' rookie cornerback Patrick Robinson yet | NOLA.com
Williams: 'Right now, he's my whipping boy'  - uh oh, I thought they didn't haze at Saints Camp.  Maybe a few team-building exercises are in order for the squad (trust falls, talking sticks, group sharing time, bowling, paint ball, etc.)

New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush declines comment on latest USC angle | NOLA.com
Varney reports on the ongoing soap opera, "USC said, He said"...but who cares?

Arrington Hopes His Time Has Arrived
'Our Time' becomes 'His Time' (maybe). neworleanssaints.com


Straight from the horses' mouths (transcripts):

Payton Discusses Thursday's Game
In Sean Payton's meeting with the media following Saturday morning practice, he discussed injuries, gave his evaluation of Thursday's performance and outlined the work of some individual players. neworleanssaints.com

Williams Evaluates Thursday  - Following this morning's practice, Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams met with the media. He discussed his review of the defense's performance, the play of Jonathan Casillas, the versatility of Scott Shanle, among other topics. neworleanssaints.com  



Zach Strief's Inside Look at The White House
Strief puts pen to paper, or more accurately, puts hammy fingers to keyboard to chronicle his experience at the White House. neworleanssaints.com

New Orleans Saints trivia and tidbits: Dave Dixon and the Dome
from William Taylor - neworleans.com


Vlogs, interviews, and other such recorded nonsense...

Saints special teams coach Greg McMahon on needing to get better

New Orleans Saints video: Team gets back to work Saturday

Jonathan Casillas on the Saints defensive improvement


WWL-TV reporter Scott Cody said that while the Saints went a little lighter Saturday, you can expect some more physical practices later in the week, especially when the Texans come to town.

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