Fleur-de-Links: All's Quiet on the Saints Front - August 26, 2010

It's the day before Game 3 of the preseason.  Not much happening news-wise.  Closed practices, no roster moves, no secret surgeries (well, none that we know of, anyway), and nola.com hasn't posted anything on their Saints page since lunch time. 

What's a Saints fan to do?  Well, you've come to the right place for a little taste of Saints news from the day, so sit back, follow the jump and enjoy the meal.  

On the menu tonight you'll find a slightly stale report from Wednesday's Saints activities that ran in some newspapers this morning, a feature on Patrick Ramsey, a bit more on the Special Teams Crisis, some articles and commentary on the impending 18-game NFL regular season schedule, a couple of position papers from the Baton Rouge Advocate, an Aaron Brooks sighting, and a nice spinach salad that comes with the Chef's highest recommendation.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Sorry about this tangent, but before I get on to the links, I must tell you about the Saints-Falcons directv/Sunday Ticket commercial I just saw on ESPNnews, as I was typing this paragraph.  It was hilarious!!  

This guy's sitting in his house in New Orleans talking about his neighbor (from Atlanta), who got Sunday Ticket so he could watch the Falcons games each week in New Orleans.  It shows the neighbor in a Falcons jersey taking out the trash and then falling down and grabbing his arm as the Saints fan is pushing a needle in a little Atlanta Falcons voodoo doll, while the Saints fan says, "But a dirty bird can't fly with a broken wing."  

Ha!  Has anyone else seen this?  It's part of a whole series of Sunday Ticket ads I've seen this summer on my satellite channels featuring similar "rivals as neighbors" situations. I've seen one with a Dolphins fan living in New England area, etc.  They're pretty clever and funny.  I tried googling "Saints Sunday ticket commercial" to see if it's on the web, but nothing came up.  I know there are many savvy www.www.www. searchers in this crowd, so if anyone finds it, please post it.  I'd watch it again, and I've already made my wife watch it twice.

SpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpam....Now, on to your links:

Stale Appetizer

2theadvocate.com | Saints | Saints Notebook for Aug. 25, 2010
Sheldon Mickles gives us a peek into his steno pad from the Aug. 25 goings ons with the Saints.



Jmack37 what u guys think about an 18 NFL game schedule?

Jmack37 i personally like the 18 game season most guys get hurt during camp..and preseason...evaluations go on during offseason and camp..

HeathEvans Watching @SportNation. Colin Cowherd is hilarious but I'm not sure how much he really knows about sports? Thoughts?

HeathEvans Quote of the day: Real men dont love a million different women they love 1 women a million different ways! Not sure who said it? I stole it!

reggie_bush Saints vs. Chargers tomorrow 8pm eastern on CBS...let's go!!!

GregBensel I went over the side of 26 story Benson Tower n repelled down. Why? 2raise $$ for Special Olympics. Me on right http://twitpic.com/2ifa8z

bobbymccray Back on the couch resting finishing up season 2 of True Blood.  

JonVilma51 we had over 70,000 fans come watch us beat up the texans, how many Who Dats are coming to tomm's a**whoopin?? 75?? 80,000?? I cant wait!

bobbymccray Same here bruh gotta shake off some more of this offseason dust.RT @dmpressley: Excited about tomorrow... #whodatnation

BillyMiller83 Ok I have a question do cops really have a tix quota? Cause it is the end of the month and I have seen 5 ppl pulled over!

LanceMoore16 Hope everyone has a great day today. Time for meeting n practice. Ill holla later

T_Porter22 Maaaaaane I been up since 5:30am and I won't get a nap NO time soon....smh. Good thing I have #youth on my side. Leeeeeeeh goooooo

dmpressley Now at home and nothings on tv but 2 fast 2 furious...#epicfail for me tonight. Prob. Just throw some music on and get unconscious...


To Expand the Regular Season or Not to Expand the Regular Season

NFL likely to go to 18-game season wwltv.com | Eye on Black and Gold
The NFL owners seem eager to add two more weeks to the regular season, but the players aren't so sure. Here's the latest AP report on the issue - players seem to be wary of it, and owners seem to love it.

NFL fans, who would get more for their money, won't oppose expanding the season | NOLA.com
John DeShazier spells out what it might take from both sides for the League to go to 18 games.

New Orleans Saints notes: 18-game season on table; a delighted newcomer; injury updates | NOLA.com
Jim Varney gives us a triple-play - Spoiler Alert: the delighted newcomer is K.C. Asiodu.  This story includes Drew Brees video on the 18-game season.

18-game season means more real games, more reasons to come home | wwltv.com | Eye on Black and Gold

Listening to media and some players you’d think the NFL going to 18-game regular season will ruin football as we know it. However, Forecast Ralph likes the idea.


Today's Special: Special Teams

New Orleans Saints' search for special teams play is ongoing | NOLA.com
DeShazier says that Payton won't stop until they get it right. Alrighty, then.

Former New Orleans Saints kick coverage ace Steve Gleason has message for bubble guys | neworleans.com
B A-W presents yet another message for the Saints Special Teams. Hope they get it.

Special teams players get put on high alert | NOLA.com
Captain Troy Evans' release gets players' attention. Another piece by DeShazier.  Jeezum crow, JD!! You are crankin' out the content lately.


Assume the Position

2theadvocate.com | Saints | Casillas emerges during camp
Sheldon Mickles focuses on Shanle and Casillas and the "switch" (or non-switch) before projecting the LBs for our final roster.

2theadvocate.com | Saints | Jenkins settling in as free safety
Les East focuses on Malcolm Jenkins and then closes with a defensive backs prospectus in this article.

Patrick Ramsey awaits his chance to gain upper hand in New Orleans Saints battle for No. 2 QB spot | NOLA.com
He'll get some time with first-string offense vs. Chargers. Triplett's profile of Ramsey and the backup QB battle.



Scott Fujita's heart still with New Orleans | NOLA.com
Former Saints linebacker recalls life in city post-Katrina. He might just be Brees' top rival for "good guy of the year".

NFC South: Most indispensable players - NFC South Blog - ESPN
A team-by-team look at the most indispensable players (non-quarterbacks) in the division. Pat Y. says it's.....click on the link to find out!

EOSB: Saints see value rise in latest Forbes rankings | wwltv.com | Eye on Black and Gold
Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys were one of 12 NFL teams to not see a decrease in value over the past year. Tom Benson can say the same thing about his New Orleans Saints. Also, the Saints lead the country in market ratings penetration. If you know what that is, please let me know.

New Orleans Saints trivia and tidbits: Preseason Ponderings | neworleans.com

Test your knowledge in this week's edition.

Development headed by ex-NFL QB Aaron Brooks back on track in Newport News - dailypress.com
Time for something from the "Where are they now? file"...

Jenkins Treats Local Kids | neworleanssaints.com
News release on some charity work by everyone's favorite 1st round pick from 2009.


V-Roll Roll Call


Guess Who? and Who, Me? live from Airline Drive via neworleans.com



Ed Daniels from ABC26 "goes off"




Black and Gold Reports: New Orleans Saints vs. San Diego Chargers

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