Fleur-de-Links September 1, 2010: New Orleans Saints @ Tennessee Titans - Nashville, Here We Come!

Today is "travel to Tennessee" day following a morning walk-through.  Some folks will stay behind in New Orleans for injury rehab, while some won't even see the field Thursday night. 

Just in time for your morning coffee/water break or for an early lunch hour, the Fleur-de-Links post arrives to fill your cup with warm, aromatic (anyone else Smelling Greatness?) Saints news and notes.

Read on to find out what Sean Payton has deemed appropriate for us to know about Thursday's game so far.

If you make the jump, you can also read a busload of Tweets sorted by content, Les East's desire for meaningful games,  Handwerger's analysis of the offense and defense thus far in the preseason, Pat Y's ranking of NFC South offensive linemen, nfl.com's season preview of the Saints (this one is a week old, so if you already posted this, let me know - a CSC search for the title turned up nothing, though), and a link to a Preseason Week 3 Top 10 Plays of the Week video.

In today's embedded videos, we have Sharper speaking about his injury, Les and Brian's August 31 report, and Payton talking about Thursday's game and what it means to fringe players.


Birthday Love to Lance

robyslyfe Happy birthday to my bruh @LanceMoore16 he turned 37 today, enjoy ur day heim...

usama_young28 Happy 37th birthday @LanceMoore16! Keep ballin young man

LanceMoore16 RT @usama_young28: Happy 37th birthday @LanceMoore16! Keep ballin young man.....haha ur crazy man, I'm 27!!! Don't be putting years on me.

Pierre_Thomas happy birthday to my homeboy @LanceMoore16 .....27 huh? maan u gettin old, haha 

BillyMiller83 Everybody wish my fellow mixed homeboy @LanceMoore16 a happy B Day!

dmpressley Happy Birthday @LanceMoore16 AKA "Lance Lightening"...(I gave him that nickname, jus FYi) lol now it's gonna stick 2 u

bobbymccray Ohh its his B-day..he sure did keep it a secret..that Chump.we could have tied him up with Patrick to the gold post.

LanceMoore16 Had a great day today and I really appreciate all of the birthday love that everyone gave me. #thankful

HeathEvans @LanceMoore16 Beth wanted 2 know if you wanted Brownies or ChocChip Cookies for your B-day? Not that @ReggieBush wouldn't eat them all..?

Food for Thought

T_Porter22 Maaan y is Rasin Canes so stingy w/ketchup? Lol I have a box full of fries and they gave me 2 packets smh

HeathEvans Just got home-Daddy/Daughter date! How do a 3&6 yr old love Sushi so much? Daddy ate way 2 much=Is gluttony 1 of the 7 deadly sins? #fb

MalcolmJenkins Just had a great meal @ Emeril's ... i love that place.

93 Octane Gets a Haircut

bobbymccray At the Barbershop starving. Can't wait till I get home to eat. I think I need toothpicks to keep my eyes open.

T_Porter22 Yessssss I am soooo happy u there. Lmao RT @bobbymccray: At the Barbershop starving.

bobbymccray Aww u got jokes...I miss my camp fro already..RT @T_Porter22: Yessssss I am soooo happy u there. Lmao

Words of Wisdom

JeremyShockey Think ahead, it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark..

BillyMiller83 RT @JeremyShockey: Think ahead, it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark..>* Ok Moses I like it give us more of that U knowledge LOL

JonVilma51 I have so much fun with my guys on the team, its hard to call it work lol...just win baby win!!!

jgoody76 Lol just saw the verizon commercial we did in the offseason. Can u say several hours of shooting for a split second of camera time.

jgoody76 Espn's 30 for 30 show is one of the best shows out right now.

BillyMiller83 You ever talk to someone for a long period of time just to find out they have no clue what they are talking about

j_bushrod7475 "@BillyMiller83: What is smfh?" .... "shake my f@$!#% head"!!!

Wednesday Morning Tweets
usama_young28 Good morning. Woke up this morning with a mission to get better. Complacency can be one of ur worst enemies. Let's keep getting better

T_Porter22 Up and at'em tweeps...the goal today is to get better from yesterday..have a #blessed one

alexbrown96 Headed to the facility ready to head to Tennessee to take on the titans and get this pre season over and put complete focus on da Vikings!

alexbrown96 Good morning tweet world!

JonVilma51 Been getting treatment since 630am?!?...its Literally an all day affair getting back to 100%


Tuesday Practice Reports/Injury Updates

Drew Brees and other starters won't play Thursday for the New Orleans Saints | NOLA.com
The team is hoping to avoid injuries. Triplett's Tuesday news roundup includes much of what's already been posted on CSC.

Saints TE Shockey sits out Tuesday’s practice | wwltv.com | Eye on Black and Gold
Handwerger's injury report from Tuesday's practice.

Kristian: No Brees Vs Titans - WWL - AM870
Garic's Tuesday Saints report. Injuries and roster moves.

Sharper Still Hoping To Play Vs. Vikings - WWL - AM870 News
AP report on sharper, injuries, and the Titans.

Keeping Darren Sharper on PUP list right move for New Orleans Saints | neworleans.com
B A-W provides a Sharper image on his outlook. Article concludes with Saints notes and a quote.

New Orleans Saints have five remaining draft picks on their roster | NOLA.com
Varney details the standing of each draft pick still on the Saints roster.



Saints: Forget the Titans - let’s get it on | neworleans.com
Les East – The New Orleans Saints’ exhibition finale at the Tennessee Titans on Thursday means everything to those players fighting for their NFL lives, but to the rest of us it means nothing, nada, zilch.

Saints trending towards top once more | wwltv.com | Eye on Black and Gold
The Saints again can boast to having an unstoppable force on offense. Defense? Not so much.

Ranking NFC South offensive linemen - NFC South Blog - ESPN
All five New Orleans starters are in the top 15.

NFL.COM news: Defending champions should continue to contend
Defending champions should continue to contend. Season preview that originally ran last week, but I didn't find it until today.

NFL.COM's Top 10 Plays of the Week

Not surprising, we have two highlights that made the list.  D.H. and Ivory, playing in perfect harmony. It's an NFL.COM video, so no embedding is allowed.


V-Roll Roll Call




neworleans.com  Allee-Walsh and East's Aug. 31 VLOG


Saints coach Sean Payton on roster moves & Thursday's game

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