Fleur-de-Links - Sept. 13th: Saints Relax Before Preparing for an Embarrassed but Still Dangerous 49ers Team

There's so little going on today in the world of the Super Bowl Champions that I almost titled this post "Heath Evans Meets With Gardener" based on one of his tweets. It's gonna be like this until Thursday when the Saints start focusing on the 49ers. After yesterday, they're a team in great need of a statement victory. I'm sensing the possibility of a trap game coming for us next Monday. The 49ers are better than what they displayed in Seattle (especially their D) and they'll be at home. Still, I expect Payton, Williams, and Brees to ensure everyone brings their A-game.

In what little news there is today, Willie Roaf will be eligible for Hall of Fame enshrinement next year, Jeff Duncan says don't worry about Garrett Hartley's missed FGs Thursday night, and Saints tattoos are becoming very popular. I wonder if the "F*** the Eagles" girl has gotten one and, if so, where exactly on her bod it may be.


drewbrees Just sittin here watching the Sunday Night game. Not many times do I get to watch all the games on a Sunday. Just being a fan today #fb

usama_young28 Rare opportunity for me to be a fan and a scout all day. Good times watchin football

jgoody76 Lol RT @CatoJune59: Just like a holding lineman! RT @jgoody76: A bear hug to end the game.

LanceMoore16 What a game that was. Happy for the redskins and our former coach Jim Haslett. Good games coming on tomorrow night too.

HeathEvans Nite Nite world....big day of show & tell tomorrow w/ Ava @ school. I bet no other kids daddy has a SuperBowl Ring!! Lol #fb

drewbrees At the Superdome doing a satellite media tour for Visa's practical money skills program http://twitpic.com/2o1289

HeathEvans NFL Videos: Felt so Good to be back! http://ht.ly/2DqiG

iWillSmith #RIP Tupac Shakur 6/16/1971-9/13/1996

HeathEvans The wifey just asked me out for a lunch date.......I wonder what she wants & how much $$ it's going to cost me? Lol... #fb

usama_young28 Headed to mcDonogh No. 35 Senior High School. Bout to talk to the students about setting goals and staying on the right track

LanceMoore16 Hope everyone is having a great start to the week. Getting some things done, then lunch with @NickMoore_1 and

alexbrown96 Went in this morning and got a good workout in and now downtown with @karimarbrown having lunch.

HeathEvans Going to meet with the gardener for Beth....told u it was gonna cost me $$! #fb

jgoody76 When my chaps go back to school it never fails that one of them get sick and then I end up sick.


NEXT GAME vs. THE 49ers:

Saints have chance to make history - NFC South Blog - ESPN
In just the second week of the season, the New Orleans Saints have a chance to make franchise history. They have never started 2-0 in consecutive seasons.

Seahawks | 49ers coach Mike Singletary expects tough loss will help his team | Seattle Times Newspaper

Seahawks rout 49ers in opener
Maybe the 49ers thought they were made men, that the rest of the NFC West would lie down like a red carpet as they walked straight to the crown room to claim their divisional championship.

San Francisco 49ers fall flat in season-opening loss to Seattle Seahawks - San Jose Mercury News
Will the 49ers correct these mistakes by next week? Could be a trap game for us. I hope we don't underestimate these guys.

49ers Postgame - Why did they get blown out? : Niner Insider
Mike Singletary thanked the Seahawks for their drubbing. "To Seattle I do want to say thank you very much for kicking our tails."

49ers' Singletary "calls out" QB Smith, WR Crabtree - Scoop Du Jour - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary was not very happy with his team after it lost 31-6 to the Seattle Seahawks Sunday.



New Orleans Saints didn't play their best game, but a win's a win: Film Study | NOLA.com
The Saints played like a veteran team used to winning. They didn't turn the ball over, allowed just one sack and committed only three penalties for 20 yards.

New Orleans Saints Mailbag: Consider Garrett Hartley's performance a mulligan -- for now | NOLA.com
The T-P's Jeff Duncan tackles your Saints questions

AUDIO: Brees Talks With WWL For The Monday Morning Quarterback - WWL - Sports

Commentary: Game wasn't what we thought it would be | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | wwltv.com | Eye on Black and Gold
High scoring shoot out? Didn’t happen. More late hits than some desperate singles during ‘last call’ at closing time? Nope. An aerial circus? Ground games devouring yardage big chunks at a time? Unh uh.



Former Saints Tackle Willie Roaf To Be Considered For Canton - WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports

Roaf One of Five First-Year Pro Football HOF Nominees
CANTON, OH – Former Saints offensive tackle Willie Roaf was one of five first-year eligible candidates for the Pro Football Hall Fame’s Class of 2011, the organization announced on Monday.

Willie Roaf, Marshall Faulk among Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2011 Preliminary Nominees
Big Willie is up for HoF recognition next year. He deserves it, but how many times have O-linemen made it in during their first year of eligibility? Probably not often. Let's hope he gets it, though. Faulk is a 2011 shoo-in, IMHO.



Brees visits Bay High to promote money management - New Orleans Saints - SunHerald.com
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees joined state Treasurer Tate Reeves at Bay High this morning to unveil a new program aimed at teaching students how to manage money.

Heisman Trust expected to meet Tuesday
The Heisman Trophy Trust is expected to hold its monthly meeting Tuesday, but there has been no indication from the group about whether a decision on Reggie Bush and the 2005 award is coming soon.

Injury concerns make 18 game NFL regular season the wrong move
Until such time as either players advance their current level of performance enhancement and lifestyle management status, the risk/benefit reward is not there, based on the current level of sophistication in the manner in which NFL players and /or teams effective manage the health and performance of their "assets." Tell me any business that would put their "assets" at such risk and convince their board of directors such actions were representative of sound business practices. Unless the "assets," in this case the human beings (players) were expendable, albeit the "stars," who should be protected at all cost to preserve the business.

Fans flock to get Saints tattoos | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | wwltv.com | Eye on Black and Gold
It's not uncommon to see someone with a tattoo nowadays — especially a New Orleans Saints-themed one.

Seven Highlight Notes from NFL Opening Weekend

Super Bowl Host Committee Launches Evironmental Campaign
The New Orleans Super Bowl Host Committee announced today the launch of their Environmental Program, which will run from now until New Orleans hosts the Super Bowl in 2013. The mission of this program is to integrate environmental ethics and concentrate on the carbon footprint left behind at all events managed by the NFL and the Host Committee.



Saints beat reporters first look to the San Francisco game

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