2 - 0 - Don't get excited yet! Saints got problems

Yes the Saints are 2 - 0 starting the season, but this team is frankly scaring the hell outta me!  Here are my points why...

1. LB - I stated all throughout the offseason that LB was my major point of concern here.  I have never been a huge fan of Shanle in the starting spot, but he is the 2nd best LB we got on the team and therefore I have to be most concerned about the other spot.  I said it in pre-season and I'm saying it now - SAINTS NEED HELP AT LB! I am hoping that Clint Ingram can come in and add some stability at this position.

2. The running game - PJ Hill - IR, Lynell Hamilton - IR, Reggie Bush - out 6 weeks.  That leaves a banged up Chris Ivory, a Deshawn Wynn that I never liked to begin with and a so far ineffective Pierre Thomas.  Granted PT Cruiser did go up against 2 of the best D's in the league, so I'm not too concerned about him, but this offense is designed for a variety of backs and the roster is looking thin.  Hey! Does Willie Parker have a job yet?  Maybe Deuce feels like putting on the pads one more time!  I understand that Big Brandon Jacobs doesn't like the air up there in the Big Apple.  Maybe, he'll like the Big Easy a lil better and we already know this guy can move the pile.

3. Atlanta Falcons - This team is improved.  I know that they played an inept Cardinals team with no defense and coaching staff that is so full of itself that it cut its best QB and I know that Pittsburgh handled them, but let's face it.  With Troy Polamalu back in the line up, this is the deadly Pittsburgh D of old.  With that said, Matt Ryan is the truth.  Roddy White is proving that he is a top 10 receiver in this league.  Tony Gonzalez's resume speaks for itself and if Michael Turner can return to form, this team will be more than ready to take the Saints place atop the NFC South.

4. Pass Rush - We don't appear to be getting much of a pass rush when we bring 4 or even 5 people. Will Smith seems to have dissappeared and Alex Brown in is the witness protection program.  Sedrick Ellis is looking dominate, but wait teams saw this in week one and guess what, he got double teamed in week 2.  In his defense Will Smith did get some double teams as well, but that should leave someone able to get to the QB.  Remi Ayodele is supposed to be the run stopping nose guard, but we have yet to stop any running so he should be rushing the passer, right?  

5. Coverage - I am a firm believer that if you have no pass rush, even if your corners are Deion Sanders and Darrelle Revis with Ronnie Lott and Troy Polamalu at safety, you will get gashed in the secondary.  I believe that this is the problem with this group.  I love Jabari Greer, Tracy Porter, Malcolm Jenkins, Roman Harper and even Usama Young and I think these guys are all good.  I have never been and will never be a believer in Randal Gay and Patrick Robinson is a rookie in every since of the word.  I believe that the return of Darren Sharper in week 7 will tighten this group up, but if they get no upfront pass rush, it will be a long season.

6. Gregg Williams - Last year this team was successful because of the defenses "screw it! we're gonna hit your QB all day style" and this year I ain't seeing enough of that.  Maybe GW thought his front 4 was good enough to do it on their own or maybe he feels like the NFL has seen it all before and it trying new stuff.  Whatever the case, IT AIN'T WORKIN!  BRING BACK THE MAD BLITZES AND START HITTIN PEOPLE IN THE MOUTH!  In the playoffs the Saints retired Kurt Warner, beat Brett Favre back into his old habits and flapped the unflappable Peyton Manning.  We need that style back!

That's what I think, but I encourage your comments and am interested in your thoughts about what we should do at running back so, I have put a poll out on it.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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