I would like to start this by saying Hello ya bums

I feel a bit bad about all the bad blood we have between our teams.  And honestly I like a lot of the people here and have made CSC as my next favorite site to go to other than DN (of course)   Personally always like the Saints.

However, this has to come to and end for about a week here and we must begin the long honored tradition of talking smack.  This is not based on last year, or the off season, This discussion is completely based on the upcoming fastivities where the Saints will get the tar beaten out of them on September 9th.  Yes I know many of you are worried about a big loss to the Vikings I would just like to remind you that as the future super bowl champs you shouldn't feel to bad.  Think of it as being that first village that Ghengis Khan raided.  Yeah it sucked, but wow you were the first!  

So to the meat and potatoes.  I don't see you guys stopping Jared Allen this time he's had an old jock strap off breesed placed in his pillow at night to help him get his hate on.  And it will be terrible! 

Adrien Peterson he's a man child I would say at least one of your line backers and probably two of your defensive backs will have cleat marks on their chest after that fateful thursday.

Brett Favre well what can I say about him except he'll be throwing the ball a lot faster and in some cases working on the fetal position to protect him since obviously our offensive line hates him.

Who does that leave, Oh yeah I hate to say it but Reggie Bush seems to have found his spine, and is starting to play running back like he actually isn't afraid of contact!  Hey good for you man, however, I would calm that down as Phat Pat and Kevin Williams will pop you like a wish bone if you try to run it up inside of us!

Oh yeah and don't let me forget our secondary!  OH BOY!  First we're going to make your receivers look really good, then when they are all excited with themselves we'll do something super clever and let them score a couple of TD's!

Seriously, if you can keep us off Brees and get your passing going you have a solid shot at beating us again.   If you end up relying on your run I think we'll be able to shut you down.  Brett usually takes about 2-3 games in teh season to knock the rust off so I think you'll be seeing a lot of AP.  I think you have a solid chance of holding him down to low yardage though as our o-line has been looking suspect lately.

By the way may the best team win and have fun with this post.  Talking trash is a sport in itself!

Oh and you're 99% likely to lose, an old norse woman rolled the bones for me.  Sorry!

Dave don't ban me!

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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